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Outlander Ideas: Capelets!

Let me start by saying it was really hard to keep this blog post under control. It turns out we have a lot of really cute cape and capelet patterns in our arsenal.

Instead of flooding you with a ton of pictures, I’m going to highlight my favorites and just link to the pretty ones that are more elaborate. You can always see more ideas on our Outlander Ideas Pinterest board, too. (I’ve added several new cowl ideas to Pinterest since my cowl blog post on Saturday.)

Of course my capelet mania is a result of that adorable purple number Claire was wearing during the boar hunt. I have been eagerly awaiting seeing it in action and I’m happy it received so much screen time.

My husband came into the room while I was, essentially, rewatching the episode in slow motion in order to get a good look at it! The things we do for our art.

Eugenia capeletI think the best match is the Eugenia Cape from Juniper Moon Farm. It is knit using their beautiful Moonshine yarn, which is available in over 30 colors, including a couple nice shades of purple.

The Eugenia Cape has the collar, like Claire’s does, and clean lines which echo the simplicity of Claire’s.

You might also be excited to hear that it is sized from XS to 3X. Juniper Moon Farm has you covered!

You can buy the single pattern on the Juniper Moon Farm website, on Ravelry, and at local yarn stores that participate in Ravelry in-store pattern sales.

QC Rustic tweed capeMy next choice is this lovely Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed Capelet. This is a little more practical than Claire’s since it offers more coverage, but you can always try to shorten it. Substitute a tie for the button and you’re good to go.

The Rustic Tweed Cape is a free pattern on our website.

Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed yarn is a lovely 63% Wool, 27% Alpaca, 7% Acrylic, 3% Viscose with a suggested gauge of 4.5 sts/inch. It is available in over 20 colors, including two shades of purple.

Ok, this is where I start veering off track.

Lana Gatto capeHear me out on this Lana Gatto pattern!

The capelete collar is knit separately, then attached to the sweater with a row of single crochet. If you look at the inset picture, the cape is split. Just turn it around to imitate Claire’s!

I like this simple design of this Lana Gatto pattern, which I think is in keeping with the one in the show. You’d have to noodle up a tall collar, or just run with it as is.

The Feeling Capelette Tunic is a free pattern on our website.

Lana Gatto Feeling yarn is a luscious new 70% Extrafine Merino Wool, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere blend with approx 153 yards per 50g ball. You totally want this yarn close to your skin.

Noro picot shawletteI can’t decide how much of a stretch this Noro Picot Edge Shawl is from the original inspiration.

While it is small like Claire’s it’s obviously both more colorful and more elaborate. But we have to keep in mind that I’m trying to find garments inspired by the show and not exact replicas!

The Picot Edge Shawl is in the new hardcover book “Knit Noro 1-2-3 Skeins“. As the name implies, it’s full of projects that take just a few balls of yarn. The shawl uses two balls of Noro Koromo yarn, a lovely 39% Cotton, 35% Wool, 26% Silk blend. You might remember I just used Koromo to knit my Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top.

Those are my top contenders for the easy route to knitting your own capelet inspired by Claire’s. Links to other pretty capelets follow!

Fiddlers Green by Louisa Harding from the Daisy book.

Kiku Capelet by Louisa Harding from the Akiko book.

Phoenix Capelet by Ella Rae.

Pleated Cowl from Knit Noro 1-2-3.

Dragon Scale and Cable Capelet from Noro Magazine issue 4.

Are you as in love with the purple cape Claire wore as I am?




  1. Thank you for sharing, I got lots of ideas and can’t wait to try a couple of the patterns you posted as well.

  2. Anything in crochet ? I can’t knit I wish I could !

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely capelet patterns, they will make perfect Christmas presents for my friends!!!

  4. That’s what I used to think until I learned how to continental knit. Probably find a tutorial on U-tube. You hold the yarn in the same way as crocheting
    You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

  5. Hoping to find a pattern for the cape/shawl Claire wore in episode 108 when she met Hugh Munro. I can’t find anything like it in my searches.

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