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Operation Sandy Relief

As you know, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Atlantic City, N.J., last week and created devastation up and down the East Coast.

Over 80 people died as a result of the storm and millions have been without power for over a week.

Our headquarters and many of our employees and their families are based in Amityville, NY, which is on Long Island. Our office was without power, phones, and internet. Staff members didn’t fare much better with some homes under water. Our owner spent a great deal of time securing generators for staff members, even while dealing with damage to his own property.

We have now established some stability and are ready to start helping those around us. We are hearing from local yarn stores that are doing fund drives and opening their doors to cold knitters & crocheters who need a place to hang out and recharge.

While the immediate needs of recovering from the disaster (access to food and clean water) are best addressed by a cash donation to your preferred charity, we know knitters and crocheters express their concern through their crafts.

Clothing Drive

Knitting Fever has purchased 1,200 pairs of socks, 1,248 hats and 1,046 gloves which we are preparing to distribute to families in the affected areas through our vast network of independent local yarn shops.

We’re also distributing two pallets of large industrial garbage bags, which might not be the first thing that springs to mind as being needed, but there is a massive clean up underway and a shortage of bags.

“How can I help?” you ask.

Your donations of knit or crochet clothing, afghans, hats, scarves, etc.,  can help us do it again and again over the next few weeks. 

Please note donations are not limited to handmade items. Any items of clothing, blankets, etc., are very much needed!

We are coordinating with our network of independently owned Local Yarn Stores across the country to have them act as collection points. Once they have received your knit or crochet donation they’ll call us and we’ll arrange to have UPS pick it up at our cost. (Many stores–especially those in the affected areas– are donating a portion of their sales this month to hurricane relief, so it might be a good time to buy that yarn you’ve been eyeing, too.)

Use the “find a store” feature on our website to locate stores across the country that stock our yarn. You can search based on zip code. Keep an eye on your favorite store’s website or social media. They are starting to post about their participation.

It will surely be a great comfort for the victims of Sandy’s fury to know the rest of America is doing its part to bring some relief to those in need.

Please bring your knit or crochet relief items ASAP to your local yarn shop. The sooner we receive them the sooner they can start helping people in need.

We like to say that hand knit and crocheted items are like a long distance hug.

Well, the East Coast could sure use a hug right now!


  1. I don’t have a local yarn shop that I am aware of. How can I find out where I can drop off my items? FYI, I live on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Kona side.

  2. I’ll look into it. Thanks for your support.

  3. If folks don’t have a participating LYS can they just send stuff addressed something like this:
    c/o Knitting Fever INC
    315 Bayview Avenue
    Amityville, NY 11701

  4. Getting a box ready now. Shared your blog on our FB page. Started a RED Cross Jar last Saturday and we will match the funds. And we will ship at our cost. You are doing so much

  5. Webbs in Northampton, Ma is not accepting these, even though they were listed on web site. I called them this morning.

  6. Do you want washcloths? I have quit a few.

  7. Thanks for your support!

  8. Participation is voluntary and many stores are either hosting their own drives or dealing with their own issues.
    Webs is donating a portion of November sales to hurricane relief. 🙂
    If there isn’t another store near you and you still want to participate you can mail it in.
    Thanks for your support.

  9. I shipped you a box of crocheted scarves and beanies today. I’m also a soapmaker…any need for soap bars do you think?

  10. A lot of people lost everything. I’m sure wash clothes will find a home. 🙂

  11. Awesome, thanks!
    There is a need for toiletries and basic care items. People would probably be surprised to get a bar of nice, handmade soap. 🙂

  12. Barb I wasn’t aware of this until just now – saw it on FB. I’m sure my staff who you spoke to on the phone didn’t know either. Of course we are happy to serve as a drop off point. I’ll make sure my team knows!

  13. Thank you for doing this! I am from the Babylon area and now live in TX. I have family and friends who have been affected by the storms.

  14. Hello to everyone. I live just outside of Atlantic City. I was fortunate enough not to be affected by Hurricane Sandy but I know that much of Atlantic City was and local island towns too! Also towns in the Northern part of NJ were hit quite hard. A friend of my Mom’s had $70,000 worth of damage to her bay front home in Ventnor, NJ. Long Beach Island,., a favorite place to visit had the ocean meeting the bay. There were millions of dollars of damage to homes there. I know the people are grateful for anything that is being donated. Thank you for your Love gifts. Linda Bates

  15. Hi Linda.
    I grew up in southern NJ. The destruction at the shore is especially heart breaking for me.
    We hope your clean up goes smoothly.

  16. I’m sending you 2 handknit scarf/hat sets from Mississippi!

  17. Hi Ann, I know The people are all appreciative of anything that is being donated to help them out. My Church, Shore Fellowship, Has a page here on Facebook and is a coordinator of efforts to help Sandi Victims. The church housed The Atlantic City Rescue Mission During the Sandy Hurricane. This week they are still collecting and distributing food and clothing. You can e-mail me privately. if you want any details. I have lived in South Jersey all my life,.

  18. I would love to buy some of your homemade soap. Do you have a website?

  19. I have just ordered from Old Navy an assortment of 26 hoodies, and fleece pullovers for boys and girls in different sizes. They will be sent to KFI for your Sandy relief effort.
    Thanks for all that you’re doing.
    Laurette Katz
    Sharon, Ma. 02067

  20. Hi, do you have any use for new born blankies? I have 3 winter ones ready to go and it would not take me long to fill a box. Thank you

  21. Hi Birgit.
    All sizes are needed.

  22. That’s awesome!
    Thanks, Sharon.

  23. Thank you! 🙂

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