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Off the Needles: Monika Hat

I finished my Monika hat just in time for the warm weather to arrive.

Taunting Spring by continuing to knit winter projects finally worked!

Why yes, that is a Color Affection I'm wearing.

Why yes, that is a Color Affection I’m wearing.

The Monika hat is from the Elsebeth Lavold book “The Small Things Matter Collection“.

In the book the hat is knit using shades of blue and purple, but I decided it mix it up and use autumnal colors.

Monika set from Elsebeth Lavold The Small Things Matter Collection

Monika set from Elsebeth Lavold The Small Things Matter Collection

The pattern calls for original Silky Wool yarn held doubled, but I was able to get gauge with Silky Wool XL.

I used colors #17 – Dark Chocolate, #18 – Sap Green, #20 – Toffee, #11 – Purple, and #16 – Tomato Red.

Short rows makes this side taller.

Short rows makes this side taller.

This was a fun and relatively quick knit. When I started it I was rotating it with other projects (as you do) but then I reached a point where I focused on it and it just flew along.

I posted a picture of it on Facebook and people were saying they’d made similar striped hats, but they couldn’t see the interesting shaping involved.

This hat is worked flat. Most knitters cringe at the thought of hats worked flat. It’s much easier to work it in the round and be done when you’re done rather than needing to seam it at the end.

As I was facing the prospect of seaming the hat I was considering how to convert it to knitting in the round. However, I realized the seam is a design element that shouldn’t be skipped.

On the side away from the seam (photo above) there are short rows to give that side of the hat height.

When you sew the seam you pull it tight to gather that side and make it shorter.

The seam gathers this side to make it shorter.

The seam gathers this side to make it shorter.

My short side can be shorter. When I was seaming the hat I thought I would be clever and use the tails from the colors changes to sew it shut, but that meant I couldn’t gather it as tightly as I probably should have.

I’m vaguely considering undoing it and sewing a new seam with a single strand of yarn so I can pull it snug.

The hat should probably also be blocked to smooth it out.

This is a good example of why you should read a pattern through completely before you start making changes. If I had converted it to working in the round then read the finishing directions I would have been pretty annoyed to realize what I’d done!

There might be a second, modified Monika hat in my future.

After I had seamed it, but before I attached the side band, my husband found it on the dining room table and started wearing it around the house. It fit him nicely and looked pretty good.

But it’s safely on my side of the coat rack now. We both agreed the side band makes it too feminine for him to borrow it!

In case you’re wondering…that is my Color Affection scarf I’m wearing. I used Ella Rae Lace Merino yarn. You can read more about it in this blog post.

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  1. Nice hat!

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