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Noro Slip Stitch Hat Revisited

According to my observations, based on online and in-person discussions, there are three types of Noro Yarn knitters and crocheters.

The first type embraces the “perfect imperfection” of the yarn and allows it to unfurl as it will, trusting that Mr. Noro has created a beautiful colorway. They know there might be a shocking color included in the ball, but the overall look of their finished knit or crochet project will be harmonious.


The second type finds it necessary to bend the yarn to their will. They will remove colors they don’t like or rearrange the order of the colors to balance their project. (Sleeves seem to be a place where this happens.) These people aren’t afraid to cut their yarn and weave in extra ends in order to achieve their vision.

The third type is, as you might have guessed, a combination of the two. They will flow or chop depending on the individual project.

I count myself among this third group and am often surprised when I find myself pulling out the scissors. But sometimes it is necessary!

You might remember that a few weeks ago I started and abandoned the “Slip Stitch Hat” pattern by Brenda Castile that first appeared in Noro Knitting Magazine issue 7. The hat is knit using one ball of Silk Garden Sock yarn, but you create stripes by pulling from both ends of the ball.

I wasn’t happy with how the colors of my color 437 “Penelope’s Garden” Silk Garden Sock yarn were playing out in the pattern. (It’s the caked green yarn in the first picture in this post.) I decided to make a second attempt with color 452 “Laredo” since it seemed to have stronger contrasting colors than the Penelope’s Garden.

For this second attempt, I used my digital kitchen scale to divide my ball of Silk Garden Sock yarn in half before I got started. I also decided to be ruthless! When the colors from the two balls started matching up too much I reeled out the offending section and cut it out. The focus was ensuring I had strong contrast to my stripes. Sadly, a lot of pretty purple yarn fell by the wayside.

It was worth it though, because the finished hat looks great!

Do you ever start knitting or crocheting a project for yourself and realize halfway through that it won’t be staying with you? As I was knitting this hat heading to visit family I had a feeling a relative would swipe it. Indeed, I felt my cousin circling as I worked on it. The finished hat looked so good on her I let her have it.

But don’t think I’m totally altruistic. Now I have an excuse to return to my “Penelope’s Garden” version. I’m expecting better results after this test run.

You can see pictures of my cousin and me wearing the finished hat on our Instagram account.

The pattern for the “Slip Stitch Hat” designed by Brenda Castiel is available for digital purchase.

Silk Garden Sock colorway 452-Laredo is one of eight new colors this season. See all the colors so you can plan.

Which type of Noro Yarn knitter or crocheter are you? Do you find yourself reaching for the scissors or do you relax and go with the flow?

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