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Noro on TV!

A Japanese TV show called Great Gear recently visited the Noro headquarters!

After clicking the link, navigate to the “Hand Crafts Special 2” tab to watch the Noro segment. Click here to watch the episode.

Noro machinesThey were doing a series on hand crafts in Japan, so it totally makes sense they’d feature this fabulous yarn!

The description on their website says

This segment of our “Hand Crafts Special” features yarn. But this is no ordinary stuff; it’s a brand of yarn that’s making a name for itself both in Japan and abroad. The secret to the yarn’s popularity is its rich blend of beautiful colors that are inspired by nature, and its method of production is surprisingly hands-on.

If you’ve used Noro Yarns, you’ll probably agree.

Noro natureI’ve grabbed a couple screen shots from the show to whet your appetite.

The segment is about 6 minutes long, but packed full of visually stimulating images and interesting information about how Noro yarns are created.

Noro planningYou’re going to want to grab your knitting needles or crochet hook and start a new Noro project when you’ve finished watching it.

I know I did!

Read more about how Noro Yarns are made with nature and the environment in mind.

Browse Noro yarns and patterns.

Like our Noro Yarns page on Facebook. Like the official Eisaku Noro Facebook page.

Find local yarn stores across the USA that stock the Noro line.


  1. What a treat it is to learn more about Noro yarns and get an inside look at how they’re made. The video sure is full of inspirational footage. Love Noro!

  2. No-no, there is no episode about Noro from your link!

  3. Hi Alex.
    After you click the link you’ll see a page with three tab (one white and two grey). They all say “Hand Crafts Special” followed by a number.
    Click on the second grey tab titled “Hand Crafts Special 2” to see the Noro segment.

    I hope that helps.

  4. The link provided goes to “recent” shows, and since it’s weekly, they’ve been replaced. Here is the Noro link from the archives:

  5. It just made me fall in love again with yarn and knitting

  6. Oops! thanks. It didn’t occur to me the link would change when it went into the archive.
    I’ve updated my blog post. 🙂

  7. E. Farley

    June 15, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    I tried to sign up for the newsletter but the site claims that my e-mail address is invalid! It’s not! I should know. Francye E. Farley

  8. Hi Francye
    I was able to add you to our newsletter list.

    Thanks for being a fan.

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