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Noro Magazine Giveaway (Nov 2 to Nov 4)

The Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Noro Knitting Magazine is now available!

Noro Knitting Magazine Fall/Winter 2013

Noro Knitting Magazine Fall/Winter 2013

If you have an iPad or iPhone you can get a digital version through our KFI app. (Sorry Android users, no app for you. It’s much more complicated to build one.)

Yesterday the print version started landing on the doorsteps of local yarn stores across the USA.

You know what a new issue of Noro Knitting Magazine means?

Right, your to-make list is going to explode. But aside from that?

It’s time for a giveaway to celebrate!

Pin It To Win It

I’m trying something new this time to spread around your chances to win. Yesterday we did a giveaway that was contained to our Facebook page, but I know not everyone is on there.

Today I’m giving our fans on Pinterest a chance to show their Noro yarn love with one of those “Pin it to win it” contests. Edited: You don’t have to join Pinterest to enter. You can just leave a comment here on the blog.

Pin your favorite patterns for another chance to win.

Pin your favorite patterns for another chance to win.

Goodness, you can’t read that text at all! I’m going to have to fix that. In the mean time, here are the rules:

Three (3) fans will each receive a copy of the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Noro Knitting Magazine

1. Follow Knitting Fever on Pinterest
2. Create a new board named โ€œNoro Knitting Magazineโ€
3. Pin your favorite projects from the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Noro Knitting Magazine on the Knitting Fever website
4. Use the hashtag #NoroKnittingMagFW13
5. You can also pin other projects you love that use Noro Yarns
6. Contest runs Nov 2 to Nov 4, 2013

This contest is being run by Knitting Fever INC. US Residents only. Void where prohibited.

Comment for an Entry

If you aren’t on Facebook OR Pinterest–fear not! You didn’t think I’d leave you out, did you? Three of our lovely blog readers will also be selected to receive a copy of the new issue.

Simply leave a comment telling me which project from the Fall/Winter 2013 issue (follow that link to preview it) would top your to-make list. I’ll select three random comments on Nov 4.

US Residents only. Void were prohibited.

I’ll get the ball rolling with two of my favorites.

#22-Cabled Coat with Cowl. Love the happy colors!

#22-Cabled Coat with Cowl. Love the happy colors!

This cabled coat was the first project to catch my eye. I like the happy shade of Noro Obi that is shown in the magazine, but if those bright colors are to your taste Obi comes in 8 shades. The collar is knit using Debbie Bliss Paloma, a soft Baby Alpaca/Merino blend that is available in 44 shades.

The big buttons are also fun, and are spot on for current fashion trends.

#31-Lacy Motif Shawl. Continues the tradition of including crochet.

#31-Lacy Motif Shawl. Continues the tradition of including crochet.

Another project that caught my eye was the Lacy Motif Shawl. Noro Magazine (and the Noro pattern books in general) has always been good about including a mix of both knitting and crocheting patterns.

I like the interesting textures in this shawl provided by the mesh sections combined with the motifs and the fringe. It is crocheted using Noro Kirara, a Wool/Cotton/Silk/Angora blend available in 8 colors.

Share your thoughts! Which projects have you reaching for your hook or needles?


  1. I also love the shawl, #31. It’s so feminine. Right now I’m using Kureyon to make a funky scarf. I love it. Your yarns are fantastic.

  2. Linda Scarborough

    November 2, 2013 at 10:58 am

    The buttoned jacket #21 is my choice. Being shorter,the jacket would lengthen the profile and I love the colors used in this. But like all the patterns. liscar.

  3. I have pinned the three afghan patterns to my new Noro magazine board. Love Noro silk garden yarn colors!

  4. The Cabled Coat is my favorite ! I love Cables! Also Love Noro! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Barbara Williams

    November 2, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Noro mags and yarns are super. Have knitted many items with this yarn. Thank you Noro. Keep up the good work.

  6. I love the cabled coat (#22)!

  7. I love #21, Buttoned Jacket.

  8. It is hard to pick one favorite pattern! But I do love the buttoned jacket, #21. I can see my daughter in this, she will love this for a birthday gift. LOVE your magazine! Keep those unique patterns coming, please!

  9. I loved the Buttoned Jacket, #21. Vertical stripes are hard to find, and so flattering! Fold over Cowl, #12, and Slouchy Beret, #1, were also lovely.

  10. I love #29, the Swing Capelet. Have many pieces knitted in Noro yarn, and have made some beautiful pieces for my granddaughters. Love, love, love Noro yarns!

  11. I can see the Noro Multi Directional Skirt in my future!!!

  12. I love the slouchy hat (#1) and all the Noro yarns!

  13. Hard to narrow down the choices! I think #13, Asymmetric Pullover and #8, Tarter Pullover with Cowl are at the top of my list. I love Noro magazine. Well, I really love Noro yarns. Recently finished a cowl with two colorways of Ayatori. It’s just smashing!

  14. I love the Lacy Motif Shawl! I’m thinking of the people who would enjoy this for a holiday gift

  15. I love the Bias Stripe Afghan. I could see making it as a shawl with my silk garden sock. My other favorite is the Cabled Coat with the cowl.

  16. I would like to try the bias stripe afghan.

  17. I really like #01 Slouchy Beret. It’s very eye catching!

  18. I’m lving #33, the Bias Striped Afghan. It really “speaks” to me!

  19. #22-Cabled Coat with Cowl as shown. Aqua is my favorite color

  20. Maria Halberstadt

    November 3, 2013 at 10:58 am

    Love the many project ideas Noro Yarns presents. Just hope to have enough to make a few of these before Christmas.

  21. Only one?! I would love to knit the gauntlet mittens and the foldover cowl for starters! Noro is one of my favorite yarns!!

  22. have to agree with you #22-Cabled Coat with Cowl. Love this pattern! and love Noro yarns too.
    I was able to create a board on pinterest but don’t know how to use hashtags so not sure if I did that right so am entering here (I hope). Thanks for all the eye candy.

  23. Great online info!

  24. Love, love # 21 I love this yarn!

  25. I love the mosaic blanket – the design is really beautiful!

  26. I love the bias striped afghan, #33.

  27. Motif shawl for SURE!!! Or the Earflap hat

  28. The button jacket in noro silk garden would be my choice, have a ton of noro to use up

  29. like the lace wrap #32 and also the fingerless gauntlets #3,

  30. I love the cables coat.

  31. Hard to pick just one, but the Fingerless Gauntles would be on the top of the list.

  32. The slouchy beret does it for me! I love combining Noro with solid color yarns to show it off!

  33. Ohhh I think I will need to make that beautiful shawl. Winter in California doesn’t quite necessitate a sweater, but I know my sister in Michigan would love one! Thanks for the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚ Always super fun. Love your Facebook page!

  34. Sabine Chennault

    November 3, 2013 at 11:12 am

    Wow all these projects are beautiful. This would be just what I need to help use up the large storage box ful of yarn I have (and keep adding to). Just wonderful.

  35. I really like the Colorwork Cardigan, the Colorwork Vest, and the Diamond Lace Wrap, but could see myself knitting several of the other accessories, too.

  36. Chevron pencil skirt and bias stripped afghan. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have trouble with choices.

  37. Kymberly Showers

    November 3, 2013 at 11:14 am

    I am a novice knitter, but the beret and cowl seem like projects I could tackle. I have been looking into using Noro yarn for an entrelac project. This would definitely be a great tool to have!

  38. Sabine Chennault

    November 3, 2013 at 11:15 am

    I think the cable coat with cowl would be the first item on my list. I would love to line it with flannel for extra warmth here in the PNW.

  39. The Diamond Lace Wrap is whispering to me, make me and I will wrap you in warmth. So be it!!!!

  40. I like the leaf panel jacket. I think that would be lovely to wear this winter.

  41. Pinned 11- Diamond Lace Wrap, 19 – Monty Coat and 33- Bias Stripe Afghan, love your patterns!

  42. I like the slouchy beret!

  43. Love the lacy motif shawl!

  44. Love Noro and especially love the kimono sleeve pullover! This issue is great.

  45. 30 – Motif Tunic is my favorite but I like the Fairisle items also! Anything made with Noro usually looks great!

  46. I love the mosaic blanket and would enjoy knitting this for my first blanket! The steeked capelet is beautiful as well!

  47. I like the Slouchy Beret, #1. But then again…..I like them all!

  48. I love the cabled coat!!!

  49. I love that first jacket shown. How pretty and soft looking. I love the Noro yarns.

  50. My two favorites are no. 13 Asymmetrical Pullover and no. 23 Trapeze Jacket. LOVE, love, love Noro Yarns!!!!

  51. Bias striped afghan 33

  52. I love the steeped caplette. Love Norton yarns.

  53. I like #1 & #7… The slouchy beret & the kimono coat

  54. Michele exworthy

    November 3, 2013 at 11:48 am

    #22 – love this!

  55. Love the gauntlets! And the colors!

  56. Love #3, Fingerless Gauntlets and #14 Intarsia Capelet. Love all of the Noro yarns and colors. They allow the artist in everyone to shine! Always a unique item.

  57. I love all the patterns, but to choose one it would have to be #21. I love the style and could incorporate the pattern into a bathrobe because its not very cold in San Diego, CA. But early mornings is cool enough to wear it.

  58. Love the Kimono-Sleeve Pullover….that is on my wish list

  59. The cable coat is awesome! Noro yarns take every project to the next level!

  60. I love all the patterns, but to choose one it would have to be #21. I love the style and could incorporate the pattern into a bathrobe because its not very cold in San Diego, CA. But early mornings is cool enough to wear it. I love the colors of the Noro yarns.

  61. #13, the Asymmetrical Pullover is very very cool. Would look great in any number of colorways!

  62. The garter pullover with cowl 08 is just gorgeous! So amazing how a beautiful yarn can made a simple pattern spectacular!!

  63. The projects to top my to-make list are 19-Monty Coat and 35-Mosaic Blanket.
    I love Noro Yarn. I am making an Entrelac scarf in Kureyon.

  64. Recently fell in love with ayatori. While the slouchy hat is lovely, I haven’t made one with ear flaps. I like the tassels as a detail. Projects made with Noro are always well-received gifts.

  65. Lact Motif Shawl! It’s beautiful to the point where I ‘ll put diwn my needles and pick up my crichet hook for simething other than fixing dropped stitches. And I have the perfect yarn for it!

  66. I’d love to look through this and then pick some patterns.

  67. I like the swing capelet the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. I like #3, the fingerless gauntlets. The shades of the colors are bright and pretty, and I’ve been wanting to make some new mitts.

  69. The Lacy Motif Shawl is the one for me. I love the light and lacy look of the crochet and Noro yarns are so attractive in their colorways.

  70. Asymmetrical coat!

  71. I think I’m going to have to make ALL of these skirts but #26, the multidirectional is the one I’ll have to make first, so that is my choice! Wow!

  72. I love the sweater coat, the colors are fantastic!!!!!

  73. Wow that is a lot of patterns in one magazine. I guess I would pick the 5 stitch cowl to start.

  74. I would love to make them all, but would start with #01, the slouchy beret. Thank you!

  75. Barbara Williams

    November 3, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    Great patterns for Christmas. What wonderful gifts these would make. Thank you Noro

  76. I love the #27 Chevron pencil skirt! I can not wait to make it for you teenage daughter. It will look amazing in any color on her. Thanks for the great pattern!!

  77. Number 29 the Swing Capelet! The capelet has just the right length and the sleeves add a really beautiful pop!

  78. The slouchy hat and the bias striped afghan are my favorites!

  79. Love #29 Caplet and silky Noro yarns!

  80. I love the slouchy beret! It would make a great Christmas gift.

  81. I love the colors and pattern of the Mosaic Blanket. I’d love to make the Swing Caplet for holiday wear.

  82. Would love to work on the cowl pattern for my granddaughter in her school colors!

  83. I love the Slouchy Hat (#1) but I also love all things Noro.

  84. OH wow! I love the Aline coat, the Monty coat, the Asymmetrical pullover. I am making presents right now for family. After Christmas I would like to make something for me. I haven’t made/finished anything for me in about three years. I would love this magazine.

  85. I have two favorites! the #09 Steeked Capelet and the #01 Slouchy Beret!

  86. I love the knitted cabled coat with cowl It is beautiful.

  87. Love the slouchy hat. Great magazine.

  88. I love the Gauntlets #3 but my favorite is the Pullover pictured on the front of magazine. Yarn for the pullover is on my christmas wish list. I always have loved Noro yarns- the colors are just amazing

  89. I love the mitts #3,

  90. Natalie Mietzner

    November 3, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    I love #18, the colorwork cardigan, but don’t know if I have the skills. I would definitely tackle #1 slouchy beret or #3 fingerless gauntlets. Beautiful!

  91. I like #22…the cabled coat! So pretty!

  92. I would love to make myself the cabled coat with cowl. It is amazingly beautiful. I give away everything I make so I never have anything I make for myself. I would definitely wear this one.

  93. Love them all

  94. I need quick projects for Christmas gifts so the #12 fold over cowl and #04 gauntlet mittens are perfect. Dream project would be for ME…#24 leaf panel jacket. Absolutely gorgeous.

  95. oh my goodness! I think my favorites right now are the swing cape and the motif tunic – both of which I could use in South Texas during cool days or nights!

  96. I love the stripey afghan and the slouchy hat

  97. OMG! I love the bias strip afghan Anne the mosaic blanket. They use Noro colors at their best. And..cozy, warm and beautiful! #NoroKnittingMagFW13

  98. I love the Garter Pullover with Cowl- perfect for cold Wisconsin winters!

  99. That cabled coat would look so good on me. Love those colors

  100. Love the cables jacket done in rainbow yarn looks so warm and snuggly!

  101. love that lacy shawl. my friend, diane, would just love it!

  102. I adore ther slouchy beret and the kimono coat. The beret is my #1 pick though.

  103. I love a cabled mitten, 04 – Gauntlet-style Mittens, or 01 baret slouch hat!! So many goodies in this issue!!

  104. The Cabled Coat gets my vote

  105. The Cable Coat! Definitely be my favorite. I love to make cables and this would definitely be my “Happy” coat. How could one not be happy wearing this!!! The colors are STUNNING.

  106. Anita Duckworth

    November 3, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    #22-Cabled Coat with Cowl. I could use a jacket like this to throw on for work and wear throughout the day if I need to. Gets cold in my office.

  107. Elizabeth Graham

    November 3, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    The Blue yarn is beautiful…I’d to see the Coat with Cowl in the blue ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Sounds like this is a “must have” issue!

  109. I really like #4 because I am always looking for items that are quick to make for my teenage daughters and their friends. If I make something and they wear it to school, as soon as they get home they start listing off who I should make them for next and what colors they like. Hats and mittens or fingerless gloves are quick to make, very popular, and help keep them warm during our chilly Central New York State winters.

  110. Twyla Pellegrino

    November 4, 2013 at 9:30 am

    So hard to pick just one. Either 20, 21 or 22–would have to decide after actually seeing the patterns. I love the longer sweaters that double as jackets and these are all gorgeous. I’m leaning toward the vertical stripes of #21 Buttoned Jacket.

  111. Anything in Noro comes out great! Would love to learn to knit as there are so many more patterns! Last year I used Noro to crochetfelt hats for Xmas.

  112. Love Noro anything!! Can’t wait to see new magazine for my Noro fix.

  113. Another great Noro issue! I would like to knit the Asymmetrical Pullover.

  114. I love the steeked capelet!

  115. Love love love Noro Pattern 07 Kimono Sleeve Pullover! I love the neck and arm shaping and it’s not too boxy in the body. This is a particularly inspiring Noro Magazine…I need to get some more Noro yarn now…thanks!

  116. I entered yesterday through pinterest, but i want to make sure i got in, i love Noro!

  117. I love the quilted skirt, number 28. The striped effect of the Noro and the subtle color of the lace merino make for an eye catching combination. Is that a ruffle edge?

    I cannot wait to knit it for myself in two different color ways, it is perfect for a New England Winter with boots and a warm sweater. The only question is, which sweater to pair it with?

  118. I LOVE #28, Quilted skirt! I can’t wait to get it on my needles and wear it this season.

  119. I love the striped skirt. I would make it for my best friend.

  120. NoroKnittingMagFW13 the cabled coat is my favorite.

  121. No. 18 Colorwork Cardigan is my favorite. Love Noro yarns!

  122. Love the skirt!! Great design -looks fun to knit.

  123. Loved #28 the Quilted Skirt!!

  124. I love so many of them! I would especially love to make and wear the A Line Coat #20! Oh and a skirt or two…And some gloves…And more…!

  125. I LOVE the quilted skirt, pattern 28!! It looks like something many different body types could wear successfully, which is not always the case with knitted skirts. I love the color choices available to make this garment with.

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