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Noro Heart Blanket Knit Along

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We’re excited to announce a virtual knit along for the beautiful Heart Blanket in Noro Knitting Magazine issue 5, starting January 14, 2015!

What is a “virtual knit along”? We’ll all be working on the same project at the same time in the comfort of our own homes. We’ll be sharing our progress here on the blog, on Instagram, on our Facebook page, and on Ravelry.

Local yarn stores might also be holding events related to the knit along!

Add the Heart Blanket to your Ravelry queue.

172843Karen and I both fell in love (pun intended!) with this pattern as soon as we saw it.

The blanket is knit using three colors of Noro Kureyon yarn. Kureyon is a hearty, worsted weight, 100% Wool yarn that is available in over 30 awesome colorways.

Heart Blanket Pattern Details

Pattern: Heart Blanket (#33) designed by Bonnie Franz from Noro Knitting Magazine issue 5.

Finished measurements: 51″ x 56″

Materials: Noro Kureyon- 7 skeins #102 (A); 6 skeins EACH #344 (B) & #343 (C)
US size 8 needles
Gauge: 15 sts and 22 rows= 4″ over St st

The blanket is shown in the magazine with mostly traditional red and pink hearts from color 102, but there is no reason not to go a little wild!

IMG_6480I have been knitting hearts using color 340-Ecru, Lime, Brown, Caramel as my Heart color and they are stunning!

The green is also a better match for the decor in my living room!

You can find more inspiration in the wonderful colors being used by people at Common Threads (Ravelry link), a yarn shop in California.

IMG_6500_2The blanket is rated “easy” in the magazine, which is defined as “basic stitches, minimal shaping, and simple finishing.”

As you can probably tell, the blocks are knit using the intarsia method. This will be a great project to practice this technique as there are only a few places where you need to add in a new color.

Karen and I will also be sharing tips during the course of the knit along here on the blog to help you be successful!

You’ll also be able to ask questions in the blog comments if you get stuck.

How can you participate?

Head to your local yarn store for supplies!

We’ve made the single pattern available digitally for the duration of the knit along (until Feb 28, 2015). However, this is another great issue of Noro Knitting Magazine, so you might want to just get the magazine instead.

The staff at your local yarn store can help you select the Kureyon colors that will make your heart sing.

Then be ready to cast on your first block on Wednesday, January 14. We look forward to seeing your pictures!


  1. i am looking for a very easy knitted blanket pattern to knit.

  2. Nancy Pitrowiski

    January 8, 2015 at 9:23 am

    would love to participate

  3. Nancy Pitrowiski

    January 8, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Love this blanket and always wanted to learn how to knit a design.

  4. Hi Reba.
    The Eden Blanket from Ella Rae is pretty and has just enough texture to keep you from getting bored. Put stitch markers between the pattern repeats to keep yourself on track.

  5. I think this would convert readily to a double-knitting project, but not for the faint-hearted or shallow of pocket!

  6. I’ve already started my blanket. I’ll be joining the knit along.

  7. I haven’t tried double-knitting yet. Can you combine it with intarsia?

    That would be a good idea for someone knitting a scarf instead of a blanket.

  8. Cool!

    I look forward to seeing your pictures. Are they on Ravelry?

  9. I’ll be joining the knit along! It is a really great design!

  10. How big are the individual blocks for the heart blanket? How are they put together at the end of the project? How can I access the digital pattern? Thanks!

  11. Hi Barbara.
    The squares should be about 8″ x 8″ if you get gauge.
    The pattern has you seam them together (probably using mattress stitch). A blog post will discuss theories for alternative construction.
    If you’ll be buying the yarn fresh, you’ll want to check with your local yarn store before buying the pattern (they have a coupon code you’ll want).
    If you will be working from stash, you can buy the pattern here on our website or at your local yarn store through the Ravelry in-store pattern sale program.

  12. I’m in! I’ve never tried intarsia, but I love Noro.

  13. ok, I’m in, but from stash and in Noro sock yarns rather than the worsted weight Kureyon. I have 1 random ball of Kureyon sock, 2 of Taiyo and 2 of silk garden sock. also have 4 of shiro which knits up as a dk and 8 or 10 of silk garden lite, also a dk. hmmm, some interesting size combos possible. should be fun 🙂

  14. I am excited to join in this knit along. I have my yarn and downloaded the pattern to use in Knit Companion. I started tonight with four rows. It’s going to be great!

  15. Hi Ann,
    I just posted pics last night on Ravelry. two squares done already. the first square I did fair isle and the second one I did intarsia. I prefer the intarsia–looks cleaner. Hoping to get one more square done this weekend, maybe two.

  16. Cool! I’ll look for them.

    Karen tried the fair isle and came to the same conclusion. Keep your eyes peeled for her blog post as the KAL progresses. 🙂

  17. Is there such a thing as “slightly felt”? Since the yarn being used is 100% wool, I’d like to just get it over with and intentionally felt the blanket after knitting. How many more panels do you suppose one ought to add to maintain size? Need to figure all this into purchase plan.

  18. Whoo-hoo!

    I found I needed a row counter for the long stretches, but once the heart was established I hardly had to look at the pattern.

  19. That does sound interesting. I guess it will make a lighter fabric. Will you knit more squares to maintain the size?

  20. You would have to keep a sharp eye on it during the felting process to get the degree of felting you want.

    I’d suggest knitting one or two squares, taking careful measurements, felting them, then measuring again. That should give you a ballpark.
    It sounds involved, but the squares really do knit up pretty quickly (2 hours or less) and it’s the best way to see what will happen.

    Keep in mind that all colors might not felt to the same degree. White is notorious for not felting well because the bleach can damage the scales on the wool. Mr. Noro tries to avoid harsh chemicals when making his yarns, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

  21. Picked up my yarn at a “bag sale” at Village Wool in Glastonbury CT yesterday, subbing 352 for the 102 should come out nicely. Very pretty pattern, they had the mag too. So I have cast on to try out my colors. Noro is always so fun to knit with, not boring at all with the great color changes.

  22. I just got that newsletter today. I am allergic to wool is there any other yarn I can use to substitute with the same outcome in coloring?

  23. I would love to see the back side of one of these blankets started. I’m some days late to this but would love to knit this!

  24. Hi Mary
    Welcome aboard!
    I haven’t seen the back of a full blanket yet, but if you check out our recent blog posts about knitting intarsia Karen and I both showed pictures of the backs of our squares.

    There is a discussion of lining the blanket in the Nuts for Noro group thread about the Knit Along

  25. Hi! I’m really interested in potentially joining in (i know, late in the game!) but i saw it said at the bottom that the digital pattern would be free till 2/28/15 but i can’t find it anywhere! Please let me know if i’m wrong! Thanks!!

  26. Hi JessMarie.

    If you buy the yarn for the blanket at a local yarn store they have a coupon code for you to download the free pattern. That code is good until midnight Feb 28 EST.

  27. I apologize for getting to this KAL late, but I do want to participate. I can’t seam (pun intended) to find the link to the pattern for the square. Would you be so kind to point me in the right direction?

  28. Hi Lisa.

    Welcome aboard! The blog posts and discussion on Ravelry will still be available for you to reference.

    The blanket pattern is in issue 5 of Noro Knitting Magazine (the current issue). If you are buying your yarn fresh for the project (and are in the USA), the yarn store should provide you with a coupon code to download the pattern for free (the code expires at midnight EST on Feb 28).
    If you are working from stash, you can purchase the individual pattern on our website or at your local yarn store, or you can get a copy of the magazine. If you like more than two patterns in the magazine, getting the whole issue would be most cost effective.

    Here is a link to the magazine preview on our website

    Happy knitting!

  29. Hello All: all my yarn just arrived and I can’t wait to get started. I’ve never done intarsia but am looking at every video and all the instructions on line.
    I really want the back to look nice. I have question about double knitting. What is it! How would it work only on the hearts?
    O,the sample photos had a heart blanket worth a crochet chain surrounding the heart what made it look very nest. What does the group think about doing something like that? All suggestions are welcome.

  30. Hi Leslie.

    Welcome to the party!
    Double Knitting is a technique where you create a two-sided fabric on a single needle. It sort of creates a pocket. I’m not explaining it very well.
    There is an article on Knitty that talks about it

    The advantage is you wouldn’t have a wrong side visible. You can either knit both sides the same or knit one side with the hearts and the other plain. Your blanket would be much warmer, too.
    You would need more yarn to make a double knit blanket since you are basically knitting two blankets simultaneously.
    You might want to practice on a swatch to see how you feel about it before plunging in to knitting the entire blanket.
    I think double knitting would work well if you were converting the motif into a scarf.

    I saw the blanket on Ravelry that has the crochet chain around the heart. I think it looks really nice, especially if you don’t have a lot of contrast between your heart and the background. It would be a matter of deciding if you want to do the outline on every block or just some of them.

    Remember to check out the discussion thread on Ravelry. There are a lot of good ideas and tips discussed. People are still posting pictures of their progress. One lady has started a second blanket!

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