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Noro Book Giveaway (3/25-3/27)

For our next spring fever book giveaway 10 lucky fans will each win a copy of Noro Volume #26.

Noro volume #26 coverIn addition to beautiful designs for the whole family, this special book includes wonderful pictures and explanations about the fiber selection and yarn production processes that go into creating Noro yarns.

This book is a real treasure whether you’ve been a longtime Noro fan or are a recent convert.

Unisex sweaters using Kureyon.

Unisex sweaters using Kureyon.

These great unisex pullovers are knit using Kuryeon yarn. In addition to having interesting design details they have a unique construction (notice the direction the cables are running!).

Kureyon children's sweater

Kureyon children’s sweater

Kureyon is a 100% wool yarn that comes in a rich range of colors. As you can see from the difference in the bright, happy colors of this children’s sweater compared to the rich, dark colors of the adult sweaters.

Noro Silk Garden looks great in Entrelac.

Noro Silk Garden looks great in Entrelac.

The popular yarn Silk Garden is also featured in many designs in this book. Noro yarns look so good in entrelac it’s almost as though this technique was invented for these yarns! (Ok, I’m exaggerating a little.)

Even simple patterns look great in Noro.

Even simple patterns look great in Noro.

But the colors of Noro are so fabulous that even a simple design looks spectacular when you’re done!

I’ve touched on four patterns, but you can see the other great designs in this book here.

Book Giveaway!

Are you a long time Noro lover or have you only recently discovered this great line of yarns?

To enter the giveaway leave a comment on this blog post before March 27 telling us your favorite design from Volume #26, or your favorite Noro book or Noro yarn.

Ten randomly selected people will each win a copy of Volume #26! (US residents, void where prohibited.)

Have fun and good luck!

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245 thoughts on “Noro Book Giveaway (3/25-3/27)

  1. I love the colrful sweaters in all of the publications! Great works

  2. I love noro kuyreyon sock yarn

  3. mjb says:

    I am loving Taiyo!

  4. Joanne Hale says:

    im in love with #839! the skirt pattern! simply lovely! would be thrilled to win and to make that!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn

  6. Linda Lope says:

    Aaaaahhhhh, Noro!!!

  7. Pat says:

    I LOVE Noro yarns! Made an Entrelac scarf out of 3 balls of Silk Garden and loved the way they took shape. Hope I get the book!!

  8. Sherry Smith says:

    I love Noro, the colors are amazing. Kuryeon is my favorite.

  9. LOVE the Entrelac sweater! Definitely would make out of the Noro Silk Garden… colors so close to a garden and Mother Earth!

  10. I just discovered Noro yarns last week….I am taking a sock class and bought this yarn for my socks. It is wonderful to work with and I love all the colors!!

  11. Tiffeny Weis says:

    OOhh! There are so many to choose from! I love the skirt, Y-833 and the legwarmers NK-241. Your colorways are just beautiful! Thanks!

  12. I love noro kureyon sock yarn for some reason my last comments did not show up.

  13. I love Noro they have the most amazing yarns

  14. Susan says:

    My Mother LOVES her skirt.. I made it a few years ago… with Noro.. a pink !

  15. MunecaDeOso says:

    I am drawn to pattern Y-848. I can see myself wearing this out and about, and in the office to stay warm year around. I will say Silk Garden Sock is one of my favorites to play with from Noro. Just bought some this past Saturday!

  16. Ann Hamilton says:

    I love all the great noro yarn colors

  17. Janetta says:

    I love working with the Kureyon fibers!!

  18. Karen Asher says:

    I am really in love with the Noro Silk Garden in Entrelac


  20. Anne Sweeney says:

    Like 833. Haven’t used the Noro yarns before but the colors are exquisite.

  21. Linda says:

    I have just discovered the yarns and I love the colors

  22. I love the Entrelac pullover!

  23. It is impossible to pick a favorite pattern or color!

  24. I am totally new to Noro. All the colors and the texture look so fabulous! I don’t know which to try first. :-)

  25. Love the Kureyon children’s sweater.

  26. Amanda Paul says:

    I love all things Noro but especially the sock yarn! My favorite thing to make is socks!!

  27. My favorite is Silk Garden; I live in the Southwest so I find this yarn to be the perfect weight for our climate. I’ve made many hats and scarf with this yarn. The colors are spectacular and everything I knit with it is a hit!

  28. Maxine says:

    Can’t pick just one design from Volume #26.Y680, Y842, Y843 and Y853 are at the top of my list.

  29. Melissa says:

    Oh wow! I love them all, but Y-844, as I’m learning to do entrelac patterns and find them awesome to do!

  30. Christine Tubbs says:

    My favorite Noro book is Noro designer Mini-Knits, book 1. (Although I love book 2 and book 3!)

  31. Mieka Coppinger says:

    I like the projects in the Noro Accessories book

  32. I love the Entrelac! Silk garden is awesome and I’d be thrilled to make that sweater!

  33. deb rowley says:

    I like the Kureyon children’s sweater.

  34. Danielle K says:

    I love all Noro!!!

  35. I LOVE the skirt (Y833) it’s timeless and functional. I’ve also recently had a lot of fun with Entralac knitting and learning different ways of manipulating the yarn– think Y-842 would be a great next project.

  36. I love them all so hard to just pick one.

  37. Julie says:

    Silk garden is my absolute NORO favorite …..

  38. Tamara says:

    I love Y844 love the design love the challenge of the design!!!!! I like to knit things that challenge me as a knitter…..

  39. Kathryn Fuller says:

    Kureyon children’s sweater is my favorite design; a sweet pattern in bright colors! Love them all, in fact!

  40. I am new to crochet. Just learned 3 weeks ago. I have not tried a Noro yarn yet. I would love to have some top quality fibers to use when I am a bit more experianced.

  41. Mary Jane Kerstetter says:

    Impossible to pick one as I LOVE the yarn and have “Knit Noro” and “Knit Noro Accessories”.Love earflap hat,Spiral Beanie,and currently working on design 13 from “Noro Flowers”Just plain love the yarn.I have more ready to start another pattern.I can,t knit fast enough for my family.OH….and socks,too.

  42. lindawadman says:

    I recently knit with Noro Silk Garden for the first time and I LOVE it.

  43. Mindi says:

    I am Noro-obsessed! I must have this book to make the entrelac pullover. Between Noro for socks and cowls, I don’t know which I love more! Please, pick me, pick me!!!

  44. Pam1007 says:

    Mu favorite is Y798. The “simple” sweater pattern made with the Silk Garden. My favorite Noro Yarn is the Kureyon. I made a Log Cabin Afghan using 20 different colors of the Kureyon. One was prettier than the next and it knit up fabulously.

  45. Sheila says:

    I really love that entrelac pullover, y-844 in the book.

  46. I can’t decide which pattern I like BEST…because the vests in this pattern book are amazing! I want to knit them all! I haven’t worked with Noro yarns as I’m a newbie…but I would LOVE to play with it.

  47. Mabel says:

    My favorite Noro book has to be the Knit Noro Accessories. I recently also got the Crochet Noro book. They’re both great! I got a lot of project ideas this weekend from comparing all the different weights that Noro makes. Last week I just finished an entrelac hat, and I’m now making the braided head band from the Knit book. I have 1, 2, … Whew 6 new projects that I came up with this weekend to make from Noro, 3 of them being presents. Wonder if I’ll ever finish, haha.

  48. Judy Miller says:

    I’m loving the cardigan, Y680. Looks like a must make to me!

  49. peg says:

    There’s nothing like the colors of NORO.

  50. says:

    would love this many ideas

  51. Peggy Shaw says:

    Impossible to choose just one favorite but I would make that woman’s sweater/jacket above – Y798! I hope I win the book because there are several other projects I would like to make out of it. I had never knit with Noro yarns until a couple of years ago when I bought some on sale and discovered how beautiful they knit up!

  52. I love the entrelac sweater–so perfect for Noro yarns!!!

  53. Sharon Cerovski says:

    Love the yarn! Used in vest and shawl recently.

  54. I’m new to Noro – if I win the book I’ll have a reason to try some of your beautiful yarns.

  55. Amy Keach says:

    To pick just one? Oh man, the Y851 kids sweater is gorgeous, as are the NK235 socks and the Y845 cardi. I’m a HUGE Kureyon fan for anything sock, hat or scarf/shawl related. Haven’t yet tried a sweater but this would be the perfect excuse. ;)

  56. Anne Dawson says:

    I love the entrelac sweater!

  57. Joy McVey says:

    Love the entrelac sweater!!

  58. Ruth Parent says:

    noro is one of my first loves…..

  59. Pattern y-798 in Silk Garden!!

  60. Dari Trout says:

    I discovered Noro a few years ago, and have made several smaller projects from Kureyon, Silk Garden and Taiyo. I would LOVE to take on a larger project designed to show off the yarn!

  61. I want to make this one and that one and then maybe all of them.

  62. Love the book I got for Christmas…Knit Noro Accessories. Just finished the braided headband using Noro Silk Garden. Amazing color combinations.

  63. Wendy says:

    My friends call me the *Noro Queen! Love it! Kureyon is my favourite.

  64. I have knit several projects with Noro. Shawls, sweaters, socks, scarves and hats. Don’t have a favorite. It’s all wonderful! My next Noro project is the Diagonal Eyelet Scarf in Shiraito.

  65. JJMolvik says:

    I’ve made some really beautiful, fun things with Noro. It’d be lovely to win this book

  66. Love the jacket and skirt Y-833 & Y-839! both fabulous!

  67. I love the Noro accessories book. I made a number of things from it.

  68. Judy Graf says:

    I have not worred with Noro yarns, but would like to try the Entralac sweater.

  69. lisaoram says:

    I am dying to make a blanket with noro yarn. it’s called 64 crayons by amy swenson. it will be my first project with noro yard. would love to see other great patterns in this book .

  70. I got my first taste of Noro from the 2012 premiere fall magazine there are so many really cool patterns don’t know which to start first.

  71. Amanda D says:

    I love the Silk Garden yarn. It adds so much color to all patterns!

  72. wiz says:

    How can I ever choose a favorite Noro yarn?! I haven’t knit with one that I didn’t like! But just for the sake of argument, I do love all things Silk Garden.

  73. Brenda B says:

    I have not used Noro yarn. But I like the Y-810 actually they were all beautiful

  74. Maryellen C. says:

    I have never knit with this yarn, but the colors look fantastic!

  75. I’M new to knitting, but love it so far and would love to learn more about your yarns, they’re beautiful.

  76. Debbie says:

    I am new to Noro. I have just started knitting again after being away for about 15 years. Would love to make something from this book – beautiful!

  77. Peggy Brown says:

    I recently brought two skeins of Noro Taiyo yarn to make a Entrelac scarf. I used the Noro yarn before to make the headbands with the flower and button for my grand girls who live in NW Alaska. Would love to win the volume 26 book of design patterns.

  78. Marci Dunn says:

    I can’t get enough patterns to make clothes for my grand babies like they did before we could go to the store & buy it. I like the little flaws that give it character!!! More patterns please!!! Marcia Dunn

  79. Connie H says:

    It is the last one listed, I don’t see a name, but it talks of simple design, I’m using Silk Garden in my Lady Eleanor Wrap, Entrelac, I’m about 80% complete & it is stunning

  80. Rhonda Y. says:

    My favorite Noro right now is the Ayatori in color way #1. Would really like to make the socks, pattern NK-239/240 and try out the silk garden sock yarn color way #268!

  81. Carolyn Adams says:

    i love EVERY pattern in this book! i have only knitted a few things with Noro but would love to do more! my favorite project was a felted purse i made with kureyon

  82. GrannyJ says:

    I haven’t used Noro yarn yet. But the colors are so lovely! I would love to try either Ordori or Silk Garden!

  83. The Grimmwitch of Jersey says:

    Pattern 851, that sweet children’s sweater for my angel of a daughter:)

  84. Deb k says:

    Love the look of this book!

  85. Ellisen says:

    Love Noro yarns! Favorite in Volume 26 is Y-798. I’m always looking for asymmetrical cardigans, and this one has a high collar, too! Gorgeous.

  86. JoannaB says:

    I love the entrelac sweater in Noro!

  87. Jamie Herron says:

    I LOVE Y-847, I have long loved Noro Yarns. I would love to win this book. I truly think I would be happy knitting nothing but Noro….

  88. p.premovich says:

    My favorite Noro yarn is Silk Garden!

  89. I have a niece that would love the Kureyon children’s sweater. it would be lovely to win the book.

  90. vicster says:

    My favorite Noro yarn is Silk Garden: the weight, the halo, the colors….ahhhhh….

  91. Carol Pahl says:

    I would be a happy human if I won this book!

  92. Genie says:

    I love Noro knitting patterns!

  93. Janetta says:

    I love working with Kureyon. Its fun to see the new colors appear!

  94. My favorite is Silk Garden, the way it slips thru your hands like a river of color. I love it’s bloom after the first wash, making it feel like it floats above your skin

  95. Jordyn Dunaway says:

    My favorite Yarn has to be Taiyo sock yarn

  96. Raquel Gomez says:

    I love the Y-833 and 39 patterns.

  97. Love the colors of the Silk Garden yarns!

  98. Mary Carroll says:

    The colors are simply amazing!

  99. Judy Boruff says:

    Love the Y-810 vest. Looking forward to making something for myself. I’m usually knitting for grandchildren!

  100. Lee Jacintho says:

    My fave design is NK-241, the Silk Garden Socks. I love vibrant colors and these are gorgeous! Since I’ve been away from knitting for over 30 years, this book would help me get to know the newest fibers and colors available for knitting! Thank you for the chance!

  101. Anne Patton says:

    I would love to have this book.

  102. This is most unfair….LOVE LOVE LOVE NORO PERIOD! My first yarn was Silk Garden, so I guess it is like an old friend in the way it feels as well as how it knits up. Adore all the patterns but especially the children sweater….Quality is the watchword for all of the Noro product line!

  103. Tina S says:

    OMGoodness, what a hard choice. Y845 I guess, but I’d want to make lots of the others too. :)

  104. I agree the Silk Garden almost seems made for the my favorite patterns in this book – the entrelac sweaters….Love, love, love working with the Noro yarns.

  105. Mary Enck says:

    My favorite NORO Yarn has been Silk Garden for years. Now the new Kama is one that really love. So many different yarns and colors, I need never use any other than Noro for my projects. That you for creating such wonderful fibers for those of us who love to knit.

  106. Nikki Haley says:

    I want the pattern for the simple pattern.If it is in this book I so want it…. I love all Noro yarns .silk garden is one of my favs.

  107. Eve says:

    Knitting for the first time with Noro yarn – Taiyo Sock Yarn. I’m making a wrap and loving the finger massage I get knitting with this yarn!

  108. Nanette Rudolf says:

    I love the Kureyon yarn. So perfect for entrelac!!

  109. Fran Tiger says:

    I love, love, love anything and everything Noro. My favorite yarns would be Silk Garden and Kuryon. I love my “Knitting Noro” book.

  110. Marissa FH says:

    I’m a recent convert … and loving all the Noro colours! I’ve only been working with the Silk Garden, so that’s all I can comment on. Would love to complete an entrelac project (I’ve only gotten past the first three rows, and not quite got the hang of it). But that skirt (Y833 and Y839) from Volume #26 has caught my eye with its colours and pattern! Nice!

  111. Denise says:

    I’be just recently found Noroyarns and patterns,I’d love to get a book.

  112. Alisa Lengel says:

    My favorite Noro yarn is Silk Garden Chunky in the 05 colorway! love, love,love it!!

  113. TawdryGlamour says:

    I love love love Silk Garden. Also Kureyon.

  114. Linda Morgen says:

    I knit and crochet but have not tried Noro Yarn (yet!). I live in a rural area and have not seen it in the shops but will be sure to ask them about getting some! The colors look wonderful :)

  115. Michele says:

    Love Noro! I knit myself a hat with Taiyo and had enough leftover to crochet a cover for my Nook. Pattern Y-852 would be the first I’d make from this book. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  116. Love Silk Garden and Kureyon but all time favorite is Kochoran, discontinued unfortunately. I just love color!

  117. Angie says:

    My favorite designs from Volume 26 are the skirts (Y-833 & Y-839)

  118. Kat Harper says:

    the entralac sweater is my fav with the silk garden cardigan being a close second

  119. Barbiels says:

    I have not tried Noro yet. The pattern I like the most is Y798.

  120. Kathy West says:

    Absolutely love Y685. Even the colors it is made in, seems designed just for me. Hope I can win this book, and have a reason to try the Noro yarn.

  121. Such pretty yarn! I haven’t had the opportunity to try Noro yet. As I am looking through the patterns in this book, the socks (NK-240) are becoming a favorite. I also haven’t tried knitting or crocheting socks, although that was one of the reasons I wanted to learn how to knit. Thank you for the chance to acquire a book I may not have been able to get otherwise.

  122. Terrie says:

    I love the look of Noro and although I have not used it due to financial hardship, I look forward to when I get some extra cash to trying it.

  123. Klayr Clark says:

    I’m excited to see how to make NK239/240. I’m a nutter for sock patterns!

  124. Anisa Manion says:

    My favorite yarn is Taiyo Sock yarn for knitting lacy scarves… It’s like watching a novel unfold with all it’s splendid strips and colors!

  125. I’m a long time user of Noro and my favorites are Silk Garden and Silk Garden Sock.

  126. Carol says:

    The colorways of Silk Garden are so gorgeous.

  127. I love the feel of Noro yarns as I knit.

  128. Stephanie Burnell says:

    Favorite would be the NK241 It looks like an awesome fun project.

  129. Barbara says:

    Knitting with Taiko Sock Noro , and so far so good. Learning enterlac, so many lovely combinations of colors, I’m using the aquas and beige but also love the pink purple combo.

  130. I am totally in love with everything Noro. I have been craving to make a dress from Spring Garden for a very long time. There were some close outs on sale, and I ordered in beautiful colors, just as that winter storm came in, and the order didn’t get into the computer. Lo and behold, the color was sold out when they came back in. Oh did I cry..

  131. Deborah Hall says:

    Noro a woman’s pure pleasure

  132. Karen Charles Hussey says:

    I just finished the Art Deco scarf using Noro Silk Garden Lite. My first time using this yarn and I loved how the project turned out. Will definitely buy Noro again.

  133. My favorite Noro yarn is Taiyo. I’ve worked with Silk Garden, which I also love, but have never worked with Kureyon as you’ve noted. I am currently knitting a blanket (Lizard Ridge) with Taiyo, so it’s possibly that I’ll finally use it up and then can try something new. I’m trying to cut down my stash by sticking with yarns similar to what I already have so that I can mix and match.

  134. Candi Lynch says:

    I first fell in love with noro about 7 years ago. The colors caught my eye and haven’t let go since. I think my favorite pattern in this book is the swing coat with interlocking pattern. The way the colors play off of each other like a kaleidoscope are hypnotic. Anything done in noro is gorgeous. I love to knit using fibers that really speak to me. I have never gone wrong with noro.

  135. I am in love with the Entrelac sweaters. Just love doing that stitch for hats, purses, pillow tops — and now SWEATERS!!

  136. Bonnie Westbrook says:

    If forced I would have to pick Kureyon as my favorite Noro yarn – the color blends are just fantastic.

  137. labfish says:

    I love the the entrelac sweater!!! Entrelac is so fun to do and these colors are wonderful

  138. Love the entrelac sweater in Silk garden….

  139. I really like the entrelac sweater. I love Noro in entrelac, I’ve done a few scarves that way.

  140. I love Noro yarn and great ideas, the colors a so wonderful, thanks for this opportunity and inspirations from your magazines!

  141. Amy Olmsted says:

    I am a long time lover of all things Noro! I have been knitting lately with Kureyon and silk garden for fingerless gloves & a shawl. My favorite book right now is Designer Mini Knits. I am in love with the little vests & mitts!!

  142. i love noro… i can’t choose just one yarn!! i would love to make that entrelac sweater. yummy!

  143. Brenda says:

    I had bought some Noro yarn awhile back and just found a shawl pattern for that specific yarn. I love knitting with it and the colors are beautiful. would like to find out where i can purchase the magazine or where i can subscribe to it!!! Love the patterns!!!!

  144. Jayne says:

    Kureyon is one of my favorites!

  145. Deb says:

    Love “Silk Garden”!

  146. I love Noro yarns,I have a stash of it but no books.I need to win.

  147. Peggy Sue says:

    How I love all the Nora patterns and yarn. Although, I have not purchased yarn, I make my own from the awesome fiber friends I have on my farm.

  148. I love Noro! I collects their yarns and books. I think my favorite yarn right now is silk garden lite. :)

  149. Deb says:

    Favorite Noro yarn is Silk Garden….tis a dream to knit!

  150. Laurie says:

    Can’t get enough of silk garden!

  151. Anisa Manion says:

    My favorite yarn is Taiyo Sock Yarn! I have knitted several scarves with it! Perfect for summer! Colors are spectacular!

  152. clarkr120 says:

    I love Y-798. What a classy style.

  153. I love Silk Garden. It feels and looks great.

  154. Teresa Fout says:

    I have actually never looked at these books or yarns–I have fibromyalgia, so I don’t get to the stores much. But I love these pictures and those I’ve seen on facebook, and I would LOVE to have a book. Then maybe I could order the yarn from you guys and have it sent to me???

  155. Janet A says:

    I have enjoyed Entrelac for a while now and I love the pictured Entrelac sweater.

  156. Love the Noro Silk Garden in Entrelac. The colors change to give the blocks a distinctive and blended look! I have made two small Entrelac projects but would love to do another one!

  157. butrfly2525 says:

    Silk Garden is my favorite!

  158. Karen says:

    My favorite is the entrelac pullover sweater Y-844.

  159. Jane from Maryland says:

    I a m so in love with Noro! Always have a Noro project going, and the compliments I get for my Noro knitwear are amazing!

  160. anne says:

    I am new to knitting and don’t know a lot about different yarns but would love to try something exciting!

  161. Karen Dries says:

    I like the silk garden design. I’m always cold.

  162. SGD says:

    I LOVE Silk Garden, although have used other Noro yarns. Everythings a favorite when it’s knitted in Noro!

  163. Barbara A says:

    The “simple” coat sweater pictures above it to dye for! I love it.

  164. too many to choose from but think my favorites are : Y-747, Y-798, Y-844 and Y-852.

  165. Deb says:

    I use Noro Kureyon to make felted mittens. They come out gorgeous!

  166. p says:

    So hard to choose, my favorite is the unisex sweater on the page, but then I love them all. And I love cozy socks, so those long long knitted socks are right up my alley, especially since by next winter we will be moving from sunny California to Missouri due to my hubby’s work, I will need these socks!

  167. Jeanne Massingill says:

    A friend recently introduced me to Noro yarns. Absolutely gorgeous. Next on my list to purchase is Karuta, I think. I love so many!

  168. Pamela says:

    I love Y – 833, so colorful, would like to make one.

  169. Laura Nixon says:

    I love this new Noro book. My favorite patterns are the child’s sweater and the socks!

  170. I have been making a log cabin afghan with Noro Taiyo. My first experience with Noro and I love the color shadings. Want to try an entrelac scarf using Noro yarn. Easy to become addicted to Noro!

  171. Melissa says:

    Since I am currently obsessed with the entrelac technique, I am obviously drawn to the entrelac sweater.

  172. Harriet Kline says:

    I love Noro Silk Garden, which I used to buy from Ewe and I in Bryn Mawr and then Narberth, PA…until they closed. Now I have to search a little harder for it, but found it at Accent on Knits in Morristown, NJ! I was shy a hank of #269 to finish the lacey edging on my third Amari scarf by Marie Grace Smith. This apparently is a popular color – and I love it. My newest scarf is so beautiful – think I am going to keep it!

  173. Renee Widder says:

    I am going to have to go with Y-833, this skirt is gorgeous!!!

  174. Diane Munn says:

    Wow looks like so much fun, can’t eat to try it!

  175. Amber says:

    I love all Noro yarns, this entrelac sweater is gorgeous!

  176. Annie says:

    Love Noro and the unisex sweater!!!

  177. Pennie Lake says:

    Kureyon children’s sweater, because I love to knit things for my grandchildren. I love to make socks, mittens, scarves and anything with interesting textures. Have discovered a love for entrelac

  178. I’m knitting a shawl from Noro Taiyo sock yarn right now. I love it!

  179. This is the first time I have seen the yarn done in entrelac and I love the look!

  180. Angie Tanna says:

    Recently found Noro…want to try out more of it!

  181. I’ve always admired the Noro designs and would love to receive a copy of this publication!

  182. Love the Noro Silk Garden made a sweater for myself recently which is a new thing for me most of my knitting or crochet is done for others.

  183. Doreen Plunnkett says:

    new to Noro, but fell in love with the silk garden.

  184. ElizabethDuke says:

    Long-time Noro fan!

  185. I love the Noro Kama. Beautiful!

  186. i love the tiered skirt!!!

  187. Deason says:

    Making a pair of sock from Taiyo Sock Yarn!

  188. StephT says:

    I have been knitting for about six months and love visisting various yarn stores. When deciding where I should go and if it is worth the trip I just ask ” do you sell Noro ” and if they do, I GO!!!

  189. RKOHepburn says:

    I Love the NORO patterns and yarn. My favorite is Y833 or Y839. Please pick me for your drawing…YEA!

  190. betty says:

    Silk Garden!!! What ever happened to Iro?

  191. JNess says:

    Love Noro!

  192. Pamela Fertitta says:

    Any Noro yarn is my favorite – but if I have to pick one it is Silk Garden.

  193. priscillasol says:

    I love the Noro Yarns and I am interested in trying the entrelac sweater pattern

  194. Love love love the tunic sweater for my daughter and the color block sweater coat for me.

  195. Deane Posch says:

    I love all the designs just can’t pick one !!!!!! I want to make them all….

  196. Barb Bunk says:

    I think the Unisex sweaters have endless possibilities. Also the Entrelac sweater can be made for all seasons using different shades of Noro. Short sleeve, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or sleeveless! So many possibilities!!!!! Endless creativity!!!! But for every Noro book I always just have to try them all just to see! Would love to win a copy of this new book!

  197. Barbara Williams says:

    I really enjoy knitting with Noro yarns and have purchased many. The colors are wonderful and fun to knot with.

  198. Pam G says:

    I have been knitting with Noro for years and it remains my favorite. I haven’t tried many of the newer yarns but I would like to. I think my favorite is silk garden as the weight is versatile and there are lots of color combos

  199. Marcia Willison says:

    NK240, the socks. Knitting socks is my passion and that yarn is beautiful.

  200. suntankid says:

    A few years ago I made the design 26 waistcoat in Silk Garden. It is still one my favorite pieces.

  201. Pamela says:

    I used kogarashi to knit eight beautiful hats for sisters, mother, and myself. All the same pattern, but all unique and beautiful. Noro colors are derived from nature and the hats knit beautifully into gorgeous colors. We frequently receive compliments. Oh, and they are very warm and soft.

  202. Joan P says:

    Noro Silk Garden – i made a beautiful throw with this yarn! Love it!

  203. Mickey Ross says:

    really like design 26 waistcoat!

  204. Martha Rose says:

    love the entrelac sweater. I’ve made one for a grandchild, and her mom needs a matching one.

  205. Mindi says:

    Please pick me! I adore Noro! I must have the entrelac pattern!

  206. Margie Szymanskyj says:

    I really like the skirt. Not sure it would look as good on me as on the model. But it’s really cute.

  207. Stacey B. says:

    I love working with Noro yarns. Noro Silk Garden is one of my favorites. I’d like to knit the Turtleneck Tank by Jane Ellison.

  208. Nancy B. says:

    Love anything in Noro. Have made several sweaters and handbags. I never get tired of anything made with Noro yarn.

  209. Lyn Dion says:

    Just bought my first Noro Silk Garden and just love the color shadings. I’m looking for a real nice sweater pattern for this, and I see it in this book!!! I’d love to win this pattern book!

  210. LoriLane says:

    I like design Y-841. The colors and textures are so interesting. It would be fun to make.

  211. janakitailor says:

    I love knitting with Noro silk and Nero kogerashi. Love the yarn and the colors. I made a swefrom the noro style, the sweater is called charm. It fits beautifully and looks even better. Fun and easy

    to make.hope I am lucky
    to win this pattern book

  212. Irene Campbell says:

    I really like kureyon and silk garden have made hats, scarfs would really like another book to add to my collection!!!

  213. Penny B says:

    Love the vest. I’m new to using Noro but love the Wingspan shawl I knitted with it.

  214. I hope I win! I have been knitting for a few years and love Noro. Only worked with it a few times tho!i like the sport weight.

  215. Jill Garner says:

    I’ve knitted for many years & took a break for a few years. WOW, did I miss my time knitting. Been back at it for about 6 months & just LOVE my time. My favorite in the silk garden & kureyon; the colors are amazing & fun to create with.

  216. Deidre K. says:

    I love knitting with Noro. And for the yarns it is way too hard to choose but I am partial to Silk Garden and Kuryeon.

  217. Mippy says:

    My favorite Noro yarn right now is Kirara #9 because I was given it by my special friend for Christmas this last year. I’d love a Noro pattern to use my yarn with! :D Thank you for the chance! :)

  218. Laura says:

    My favorite yarn is Kureyon… love the colors and that you can use it for felting, which melds the colors together like oil pastels

  219. I made a shawl and a rabbit out of silk garden yarn. Now I want to make everything with Noro yarn

  220. Silk Garden is my absolute favorite Noro.

  221. Brenda Nash says:

    My favorite Noro yarn is Kirameki!

  222. Silk Garden for sure. I have started a project recently that will be felted. Bag should be gorgeous!

  223. Kathleen says:

    I just love this sweater….Y-865, lovely colors, and the yarn is terrific to work with when I knit or crochet. Great product.

  224. When I picked up a copy of Knitting Noro at the library, I fell for the colors, hard. I couldn’t believe the wonderful beauty of the flow of how they popped off the pages. I have some yarn but haven’t started my project yet.

  225. Rita Goshorn says:

    love the y-680 cardigan! just right for springtime in alaska!

  226. Gwen Perkins says:

    I am loving Y798- gorgeous!!!!

  227. Michele says:

    I think I’d like to try pattern Y-855 first!

  228. Nancy J says:

    Noro is all so beautiful! But my fave is Noro Silk Garden. I haven’t gotten to try any yet, but it’s at the top of my list!

  229. Marsha says:

    I love Y-842, so warm and cozy!!

  230. CheezePoof says:

    Beautiful yarn with beautiful patterns – who can resist!?!

  231. Helen says:

    The cable socks (NK-235) are very cute. My friend introduced me to Noro yarn when she gave me some Taiyo yarn. Since then, I’ve been knitting them over and over again into different projects. I think I’m going to try knitting them into hearts next time.

  232. Travelgreece says:

    I love the jacket from design Y-842. It looks like quite a challenge although I know that Noro does most of the work!

  233. marybeth says:

    I have not knit with Noro yet. Love the colors and can’t wait to try it.

  234. Laura Freeman says:

    Noro Noro Noro!

  235. JJ says:

    Unisex Pullovers, beautiful, but mainly it looks like it covers a lot of different sizes. Some of us are unfortunate not to have the perfect size, but like style

  236. Love the entrelac sweater pattern. Very different!

  237. Marian says:

    Taiyo is just beautiful

  238. Karyn French says:

    I love the entrelac sweater, but would knit some of the others, too!

  239. Gabriele Neigh says:

    I love the coat made in block pattern in the Kureon yarn in book 26. At the moment I am knitting the patchwork jacket #27 from NORO magazine Fall 2012

  240. Carol Gehris says:

    Noro yarns are the best:)

  241. Sally De says:

    The entrelac sweater is JUST what I want to make, from Silk Garden, in some wild shades!

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