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Mega Cowls

Mega cowl

One skein makes this fun cowl.

Mega is a new, 100% wool yarn in the Ella Rae line. It is considered a super bulky yarn as the suggested gauge is 2 sts per inch. Each hank has 137 yards and there are 27 vibrant colors available.

The appearance hints at roving since it is a big, fat, single. This construction will allow it to capture lots of air to help keep you warm. It also might mean you can go down from the suggested needle size of US 15 to get a denser gauge. You’ll have fun playing around with the possibilities.

Leanne Prouse, the creative force behind the Ella Rae line, designed the free pattern for this cute, one skein, garter stitch shrug using Mega.

Well, the pattern calls it a shrug, I suppose because of the way it sits on your shoulders and covers your back. But to me it seems like more of a cowl.

This pattern is suitable for a beginner who knows how to knit and purl.

My knit lilac cowl

First I knit a lilac cowl.

You’ll want to use a circular needle around 24″ or 32″ long to accommodate all the stitches.

Don’t worry about working the twist, there isn’t really anything tricky to it. You know how when you join to work in the round the first thing you usually do is make sure all the stitches are facing the same way?

For this cowl, after you make sure your stitches are lined up properly, you’ll rotate one end a half turn before joining. Twist accomplished!

It  took me only a couple of evenings to knit mine (I used color #12-Lilac) . If you pick up the yarn at your local yarn store on your way home tonight you’ll probably have a completed cowl by Monday!

My Crocheted Mega Cowl

Then I crocheted one in fuschia.

Crochet Mega Cowl

The knit version of the cowl was so quick and easy that I thought it must be possible to interpret it in crochet.

Which is just what I did (in color #14 – Fuschia). I worked through the back loops only, which made an interesting contrast between the smooth and the ridged sides of the fabric.

American crochet terms are used throughout. A beginner who knows how to single crochet should have no problem with this pattern. The cowl is worked in continuous rounds without turning.

Yarn: 1 skein Ella Rae Mega

Hook: N/P

Gauge: 8 sc & 8 rounds in 4″

Finished dimensions: about 21″ across measured flat (39″ circumference) and 7 1/2″ tall

Abbreviation: sc = single crochet


Chain 82

Bring the two ends together to prepare to work in the round. Lay your chain on a flat surface and make sure all the stitches are facing the same direction. Then twist one end a half turn.

Join with a slip stitch to work in the round. Place a marker to designate the beginning of the round.

Set up round: Working through the back loop, single crochet in each chain around.

Next round: Working through back loops only, sc in each sc around.

Continue working in sc rounds until you run out of yarn. (about 14 rounds)

Twisted cast on

A visual aid for the knit cowl.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Tell us about it!

I hope you enjoy these two cowl patterns. If you make one, come share a picture with us on either our Knitting Fever Inc Facebook page or our Ella Rae Yarns Facebook page.

We love to see what people make with our yarns.

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One thought on “Mega Cowls

  1. lisa leavitt cooper says:

    i love the cowl but still having a problem with the twist. do i just flip one end upsidedown and join
    can you do a close up picture right before you do this PLEASE?

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