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Mega Braided Scarf

For those of you who prefer your scarves on a grand scale, may I present the Mega Braided Scarf!

Mega Braided Scarf

A big, cozy scarf.

I knit this scarf using three skeins of Ella Rae Mega in colors #12-Lilac, #14-Fuschia, and #26-Timberwolf Gray. There are 27 colors from which to select so you have many options. Match your wardrobe, or make it in team colors, or tame it down by using a single color.

This pattern is suitable for a beginner who knows both the knit and purl stitch.

Mega Braided Scarf

Materials: Ella Rae Mega, 3 skeins (Fiber: 100% Wool–Yardage: 137–Stitches: 2–Needle size: 15–Ball weight: 250g)

Needles: US 15 (or size needed to obtain gauge)

Gauge: 8 sts = 2″ in K1,P1 rib. / 2.5 rows = 1″

Size: about 5″ wide by 8′ long (excluding fringe) after being braided

NOTE: Before starting cut 12 16″ long strands from each color for fringe. (36 strands total)


First Strip:

Cast On 8 sts using one ball of yarn.

Row 1: K1, P1 across

Row 2: K1, P1 across

Continue in ribbing as established until you run out of yarn or reach desired length.

Knit two more strips in the same manner using the other two balls of yarn.

NOTE: If you don’t like the idea of knitting three consecutive strips you can knit them simultaneously:

Using the first ball of yarn Cast On 8 sts. Place a marker. Using the second ball of yarn and the same needle, Cast On 8 sts. Place a marker. Using the third ball of yarn and the same needle, Cast On 8 sts.

The markers will remind you to drop one color and pick up the next. When I was knitting my scarf the other strips slid to the end of my needle, which was another reminder to switch colors.

There are a few advantage to working the strips at the same time: you know your gauge will be consistent; they will be the same length; and they will be done at the same time.

Once all three strips are knit, braid them together in a traditional 3-strand braid. I laid my strips on the bed to braid them and rolled them each into a ball to make them easier to manage.

Divide your fringe into two equal piles, 6 strands of each color in each pile. Attach fringe as desired to ends of scarf.

To secure the ends of the scarf I held the ends so the center strip overlapped the two side strips a little. Then I made sure at least one fringe on each side of the center strip went through the double layer of fabric. I tied those anchor fringes first then tied the other fringes.


  • It would be easy for an experienced crocheter to make a similar scarf. Using a P hook and double crochet make strips 2″ wide.
  • Instead of a scarf you can seam the ends together to make a big, loopy cowl.
  • The finished knit strips are so long you might be able to get away with working a shorter, one color scarf. I didn’t try that so you’ll have to experiment. I’d suggest dividing the ball in thirds before casting on to ensure your strips are the same length.
  • You can make a shorter scarf by stopping before you run out of yarn. Keep in mind the strips get shorter when braided so you’ll want to test the length by braiding your version before you cast off.
  • When I was about half way through the scarf, around 4′ long, the ladies in the knitting group I attend thought it would make a cute, short scarf secured by a big button or shawl stick. They also liked the idea of making a chunky cowl by seaming the ends together.

Mega Book #112

But don’t limit yourself to making scarves and shrugs from this 100% wool yarn. The Mega book has eight patterns including sweaters and accessories.

Chunky Mega Hat

Chunky hat and moss stitch scarf.

This cute hat takes one skein of Mega. (The moss stitch scarf takes two.) You can work the hat in a solid color as shown in the book, or you can work a striped version to go with your Braided Scarf. In that case, I’d suggest making the hat first then making the scarf with the remaining yarn. Once you run out of yarn, the scarf is done!

Mega mittens

Pom poms are always fun.

These warm mittens also take only one skein. They would be another candidate for a striped version paired with the Braided Scarf. Depending on how much yarn was used in the mittens, you can make a cowl version of the scarf instead. Three color pom poms would tie everything together.

Top with pouch

A cozy cover up.

This cute sweater is one of the four included in the book. It takes three or four balls, depending on the size you make. It looks so cozy, especially with the nice kangaroo pocket for keeping your hands warm.

With a knit gauge of 2 sts per inch, projects in this lovely yarn work up fairly quickly. Have fun playing with the colors for the Braided Scarf. And if you do make one of these projects, share a picture with us on Facebook either on our Ella Rae page or our KFI page.

Edited to add: You can locate stores in your area that carry Ella Rae yarn by using the “find a store” feature on our main website. You can filter based on your zip code and brand.


  1. where do I get a copy of this Mega Book 112?

  2. Hi Suzanne.
    Check with your local yarn store.
    You can locate stores in your zip code using the “find a store” feature on our website
    You can filter by brand as well.

  3. so how do I get the pattern for that hat?

  4. Achristianheartcom

    October 23, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Love these designs!

  5. Hi Citymouse.
    The hat pattern is in Ella Rae Book #112-Mega.
    You should be able to get it at your local yarn store.
    You can find stores in your area (and online) that carry Ella Rae yarn and patterns using the “Find a Store” feature on our website:

  6. Good to hear!
    Leanne does great work. 🙂

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