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Milanese Lace Cowl

We are pleased to introduce you to Llama Lace Melange yarn from Queensland Collection.

Llama Lace MelangeThis beautiful lace weight yarn is 100% Baby Llama and comes in hefty 420 yard hanks.

Llama Lace Melange is a heathered version of the popular Llama Lace yarn, which is hand-dyed.

Llama LaceOne is more beautiful than the next, isn’t it?

I was excited to be given two of the preview skeins with which to play around.

Milanese cowl openAfter noodling around a bit, I designed the Milanese Lace cowl. Download the free pattern. (That’s me! Channeling Wonder Woman, apparently.) Add the Milanese Lace Cowl to your Ravelry queue.

This is a one skein, infinity scarf style cowl. The yarn has wonderful drape, making the cowl both lightweight and warm.

Milanese lace cowl doubledThe Milanese Lace Cowl is long enough to wear doubled. Isn’t it nice to have options?

The cowl is knit on US4 needles, which I felt gave a nice mix of being open without being sloppy.

The cowl is knit in the round. The lace is written and charted. I suggest placing stitch markers after every 12 sts (two repeats) to help you stay on track. They saved my sanity a few times while I was knitting the prototype!

As is the case with lace projects, blocking is important to the look of the finished cowl.

IMG_2582Compare this picture of the freshly finished cowl to the one at the top of the post. See how much more open the eyelets are after blocking?

To block the cowl, I soaked it in cool water in the bathroom sink, gently squeezed it out, then rolled it in a towel to remove excess water. I pulled it just enough to open the eyelets.

An untested idea: Cast on 144 sts (about half) to make a cowl that is taller and has a smaller circumference. It would be more of a wimple style and I think would be lovely with the drape of the yarn.

Keep in mind, you can use the new Llama Lace Melange for existing Llama Lace patterns. (Adjust your yarn amounts. Hand-dyed Llama Lace comes in 209 yard hanks compared to 420 yards for Llama Lace Melange.)


  1. I have been looking for an interesting cowl pattern! Thank you, it is lovely!

  2. Lorene Frischknecht

    March 1, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    This cowl is really nice and I like it’s versatility!

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