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Jenny King’s “Fashions to Flaunt Crocheted with Noro Yarns”

As though the new hardcover Crochet Noro book wasn’t exciting enough, Australian designer Jenny King has just released (December 1) “Fashions to Flaunt Crocheted with Noro Yarns.”

Fashions to Flaunt Crocheted With Noro Yarns cover

Your collection of crochet hooks must be standing up and dancing by now, because I know mine are.

The fabulous colors of Noro in the crochet stitches we love…sigh, life is good. (Remember, I grew up crocheting so I can legitimately say things like that.)

Jenny has been designing crochet patterns for 15 years. She also travels around teaching classes and owns a local yarn store in Australia. In addition to books, her pattern have appeared in Vogue Knitting Crochet and Interweave Crochet. You’ve probably seen some!

The patterns in Fashions to Flaunt use yarn from across the Noro line, from the sock yarns to the bulky yarns so you’ll be able to select a project based on how quickly you want to finish. If you’re like me, you crochet faster than you knit anyway, so a lovely new project can be completed quickly.

With 17 garments ranging from accessories to sweaters I could go on and on all day, so I’ll just highlight a few that caught my eye.


These are adorable!

Maybe I’ve been a little slipper obsessed lately, but these are adorable! And they look pretty simple as well. If you are in gift crocheting mode I bet these would be good candidates, they look like they would take next to no time to make.

Bobble Scarf

Bobble Scarf=One ball of Silk Garden Sock

The Bobble Scarf takes just one ball of Silk Garden Sock yarn. I bet you could use Taiyo Sock yarn as well. Jenny tells us this pattern is very popular in Australia because it’s quick and easy to make. I think it’s because the finished scarf is so unique. Aren’t the trailing bobbles fun?

There is a lot of visual interest in this scarf between the textures of the fabric and the great Noro colors.

The Crosscross vest is one of the garments in the book.

I like this one because of the unique construction.

Crisscross Vest

It's mild mannered in front.

The fronts have great flow and drape.

Crisscross Vest Back

Isn't that cool?

Then the back is like “Ta-da! Didn’t expect that, did you?”

I think this vest would be great for adding extra warmth without making you too hot.

Another neat garment is the Aztec Shawl. Jenny sent us extra pictures that aren’t in the book.

This first one is from the book. “Oh, look at the pretty shawl with the interesting edging.”

Aztec Shawl

There are many ways to wear the Aztec Shawl

But what you should realize is that there are multiple ways to wear it. This is a very flexible garment!

Aztec shawl 2

I like how this way forms a collar

Worn this way it looks like a totally different shawl. I like how the edge folds over to form a collar for this option.

Aztec shawl 3

This is the way Jenny wears the Aztec Shawl

Jenny says this is the way she wears the shawl. It really shows off the interesting edging. It’s also an excuse to wear some of those pretty shawl fasteners you’ve collected.

Two other shawls and a scarf have multiple wearing options as well.

There are a variety of attractive patterns in this book that range from easy to intermediate skill levels. I think you’ll find plenty of projects to keep your hooks busy.

Keep a sharp eye on your crochet social media next week. There will be a blog tour for the book and I hear some of those reviewers will be giving away a copy of the book and a ball of Silk Garden Sock yarn. cool!

First stop will be The Crochet Dude on Dec. 5. Then Crochetville on Dec 7.

Or, don’t bother waiting, and just buy yourself a copy (print or digital!), then swing by your local yarn store for supplies.


  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny King this past September at the Reno Chain Link convention! It was such a pleasure to meet her! I’ve also made about 15 of the bobble scarfs pictured above. They are so easy and everyone I’ve given them to loves them! I can’t wait until my book is delivered! I’m loving some of projects shown and can’t wait to get my “hooks” into them!

  2. Thanks for your posts, the projects are fabulous !

    Can you tell me if there are any chart in the book or only written instructions ? I’m a visual crocheter and even if I love the patterns I’m afraid I won’t made them if there isn’t a chart… :s

    Thanks !

  3. Hi Leah.
    The book just has text. 🙁

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