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Holidays Giveaway: Week 1 (Nov 30-Dec 3)

We know this time of year can be stressful. Life becomes much more busy with extra tasks, yet you still have to keep the daily routines going.

Between cleaning before guests arrive, or preparing to travel yourself, it can be hard to find time to relax with your knitting and crocheting.

And if you’re stitching gifts, things become much more hectic!

To help remind you to stop and enjoy the fun, and hopefully give you an extra reason to smile, we’re going to be doing weekly giveaways through the end of the year.


18664This week’s prize is a copy of The Third Sublime Children’s Double Knitting Book.

This great softcover book has 14 knitting patterns for boys and girls ages 2 through 11. It can be tough to find nice knitting patterns for those older kids!

All the patterns in this book use Sublime Extra-Fine Merino DK, a wonderfully soft 100% Merino Wool yarn.

(Find stores in the USA that stock the Sublime line.)

Here are some highlights from the book. (Preview the rest of the book.)

Flower beretSlouchy berets are popular with kids of all ages. You can make several roses so she can change them out to suit her mood.

Big Toboggan hatPompoms are a big deal this year. Your little skier or snowboarder will bit a hit in this fun cap. It’s a great chance to practice your Fair Isle technique, too.

Alice cardiThe picot edging on this sweet cardigan is to die for!

Big Bertie blazerLet your little man select the colors to get him involved in the process.

Like what you see? 10 lucky fans will each win a copy. (US residents, void were prohibited)

Simply leave a comment on this post about your success in knitting for this age range.

Any tips to ensure your efforts are well received?

Comment on this post by midnight EST on Dec 3 to be included in the drawing. Winners will be notified by email.

(Psst! Remember to check out the “All I Want For Christmas” Giveaway on the Juniper Moon Farm Blog, too!)


  1. I have crocheted sweaters for little ones in the past. Right now those little ones are big ones! But one sweater I remember well was done in double yarn and had an Aztec-type design in it. My son wore that sweater everywhere. He loved it because it had pockets and could store little “treasures” in them when we would go out.

  2. looking forward to this sublime book.

  3. I usually have success with whatever I set my mind to knit, but haven’t knit much for this age range. Perhaps this would give me a good start!

  4. My knitting for this age range has been somewhat limited — my latest effort turned out to be too small for the intended recipient, although it was knit to gauge and turned out measurements of the pattern…. Will have to try again using larger size.

    I’ve done much more knitting for babies, and would like to expand my horizons in larger sizes as my grandchildren grow. Would love to try some of the patterns in this book.

  5. Six month baby is growing so fast, I need to try and keep ahead of her with my projects. Just finished a jumper and although it is a size 1, I think she can wear it already. It has ties at the shoulders, so can be adjusted as she grows. Knitting every stitch with love.

  6. I always check with kids this age group about colors and let them feel the yarn. Sometimes the yarn is scratchy(to them) and that will keep them from wearing. Also the style , as I made a pancho for my granddaughter, she puts it on all the time, but then it just gets in her way! She’s 4!

  7. I would like to win this grandchildren are 5 & 7 and I love knitting for them.

  8. I have loved knitting baby items for my grandchildren, but as they grow older (now ages 2 – 6) I am looking for a variety of up to date patterns for projects they will enjoy wearing. Softer DK yarns knit up nicely and are more comfortable to wear than some of the bulkier worsted weight yarns.

  9. meg bourbonniere

    November 30, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    I love the highlight from the book! My grandchildren are getting older and these would be perfect for them! thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Beautiful patterns would Love
    to be able to win the book

  11. I have 2 granddaughters, 2 and 6 years old. When knitting for them I keep their moms in mind and always knit with washable wool or cotton blends. I make the little girls hats, mittens and sweaters in their favorite colors, but I know my creations will get worn regularly if they are easy for the moms to wash and dry.

  12. Would love to win this. My children love bright colors and soft in yarn.

  13. I love all of the patterns in this book!

  14. linda calcavecchia

    November 30, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    Oh I would love to win a book like this!!! In one year I had three great nephews born! They are now almost 3yrs old and I love patterns that grow with the child! Perfect!

  15. Knitting for this age group isome of my favorite pastimes as I have 2 grandchildren that are always requesting hand knits from me. It’s hard to find good, updated patterns so winning this book would be a fantastic help!

  16. I ❤️❤️❤️ Sublime books. The patterns are beautiful and easy to follow. And the kids in the books are simply adorable.

  17. I love knitting for my grandchildren, but you’re right. It is difficult to find patterns for ages eight and above. This book would make things much easier!

  18. I have an 18 month old Grand-daughter, and I am having a lot of fun knitting for her. I find if there is a stitch I am not familiar with I can usually find a tutorial on the Internet.

  19. I have 5 grandchildren in this age group and I have made them all hats and scarves. I used an iridescent eyelash yarn and held it with another yarn to make the girl’s scarves and the absolutely loved them. I always make them in their favorite colors.

  20. I would love to win this book. I have knitted a Subline sweater for my granddaughter and loved it!

  21. Veronica Perrone

    November 30, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    This book looks like it would be a wonderful addition to my library. Being a Grammy of 3 beautiful little ones, I would love to own this book and get knitting for my Grandchildren.
    Thank you,

  22. Cute styles with cuter models!

  23. The main reason I learned to knit after I retired, is because I love making knitted garments for my 3 darling granddaughters, now ages 7,8,9. Seeing their eyes light up is such a thrill for me. I’ve made each a cute pink/purple blended colorway Poncho, each a sweet Ballet Shrug in their favorite colors, pullover Sweaters, Cardigans, and even little mittens with matching scarves. I also knit for my sister’s granddaughter & grandson, and my nieces, and nephews. The patterns shown are just adorable.

  24. Love the Fairisle toque with pompoms…and that is what I’m studying to learn how to make for 2014….This year I learned how to knit socks…so for everyone on their birthday I’m knitting socks….my little niece loved her pair….Now I’m trying to learn fair isling….so that I can make them each a snowflake toque and mitts in their colors….have a great day…

  25. I haven’t knitted for this age group, but it would be so fun! I do have close friends whose family members are in this age range, and it’d be great to gift both.

  26. I have one other of the Sublime kids books of patterns and love it…so it would be wonderful to add this one to my collection.

  27. Two of my 10 grandkids are 6 and 10. They love the hats and scarves I’ve made for them. I let them pick out the patterns they like!

  28. I have knitted with great results for great nieces and nephews… I just ask about color choices and style preferences from their parents first!

  29. I sure could use this book! I have 5 grandchildren in this age group that would look adorable if I used these patterns to make them something!

  30. My grandchildren enjoy the inside-outside toys that I have knitted for them. I would enjoy knitting garments as well.

  31. I have both a granddaughter and a grandson that these patterns would be great for. I enjoy making items for them.

  32. Love all Sublime patterns, would love to have book. My tip for insuring a good outcome is measure, measure, measure. I hate it when a sweater comes out perfect except that the arms are too short. Also, if possible, check with the child to see if they like the pattern.

  33. Ramona Eggleston

    December 1, 2013 at 3:54 am

    I love knitting sweaters for my great nieces and nephews. So cute and finish up in a jiffy. I wold love to knit them some of the patterns in the book.

  34. This book looks great; I’m sure it is filled with ideas to knit for my grandchildren. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I don’t have grandchildren…yet! But I have been planning a few knitting, crochet, and sewing/smocking projects to get started on in advance, just so that I can keep up when they do get here. Having many ideas in one resource–a wish book if ever there were one!

  36. I am a retired grandmother of 8 and have been knitting since I was about 5 years old. My knitting has been limited until now. I’m learning how to do sweaters and more difficult things for my grandchildren. I have taught two granddaughters to knit and am excited to have a book to help them get better rather than just do scarfs and blankets like I did for years. love your site.

  37. I made a cardigan for my 2 year old granddaughter and discovered that I needed to make the cuffs on the sleeves just a bit larger in order for her to have success in taking it off! I can’t wait to make more items for her. Beautiful book.

  38. My most recent kidknits were almost identical sweaters for fraternal twin boys. One was green with blue trim and one was blue with green trim.

  39. My oldest grand is 6 going on 16 and loves everything knitted for her. She is starting to knit a scarf, too. This book would be wonderful for her things and also her siblings, who are both 2 yrs old, to grow into.

  40. I have knitted for baby grandchildren, but now they are older. I would love this book to help me make things for them.

  41. Hope to see this knitting gem soon!

  42. Roxy64 on Ravelry

    December 1, 2013 at 6:02 pm

    I’ve only knitted 3 baby hats. I do have a toddler’s sweater pattern and the yarn bought, but just haven’t had a chance to knit it yet. It will be one of my projects for 2014.

  43. I have knitted a number of blankets for little kids. But they have all grown up now and need other stuff. So I am always on the lookout for new ideas.

  44. My wonderful grandkids are 6, 7, 8 and 9. This book would provide perfect patterns for me to knit them beautiful gifts!

  45. My grand kids fight (not real fights) over who gets the next knitted item from my knitting machines. Ages 4 & 7.

  46. I recently was on holiday in Norway and purchased Viking Nordley yarn to knit socks for my two daughters and granddaughter. Patterns were in Norweigan, not much help. On arrival back home, Sydney, Australia, found the website for Viking Nordley yarn, pattern for socks and the wonderful website The patterns in this new double knitting book look great, so different to patterns we have in Australia. I have a three year old grand-daughter and 1 yr old grandson, he obviously is too young for these patterns – but he will grow. Would be great to win this book. I will be looking forward to knittingfever newsletters.

  47. Have had success and a lot of fun knitting hats for mitten trees at business I retired from and our church.

  48. I am excited about this book of patterns for kids – my grandson is almost 2 so I want to get busy with his size items – I love the hats as well as sweaters!

  49. I have 2 granddaughters and a grandson in this age group. I have made matching sweaters for the girls and a vest for the boy. Would love to make more from this book.

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