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Gifts For Me: Yarn

Buying yarn for another person can be intimidating. What fiber would they like? Do they like lace weight or bulky weight? And don’t get me started on selecting a color!

Considering how hard it is for you, the knitter or crocheter, to decide on a yarn when confronted with the wonderful selection at your local yarn store, think how much harder it is for your loved ones who don’t knit or crochet!

If you expect to receive yarn this holiday season, you have to make it easy for them. Share this post to their Facebook wall, or print it and tape it to the bathroom mirror.

Many local yarn stores will also keep a wishlist on hand for when your loved ones come in. I’ve seen stores have index cards you fill out with the yarn name and colors you would want. Ask the staff at your store if they offer this service. Of course, a gift certificate is always a good idea, too.

To get you started, allow me to highlight some of our yummier yarns that would be wonderful to receive. Remember, when you’re asking for gift yarn, go for the good stuff you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself!

 JMF Marlowe

Juniper Moon Farm Marlowe is a worsted weight, 50% Merino Wool, 50% Silk yarn that comes in 153 yard balls. It is available in a vibrant, multicolored version seen here, or the tonal Jeweltones version. They are interchangeable.

159105Marlowe is soft, squishy, and has a lovely shine from the silk content. Another great thing is that there are a number of one skein patterns available. For instance, each item in the Spens Hat, Cowl, and Fingerless gloves set picture above takes just one ball (three balls to make the entire set).

You can see more Marlowe patterns here.

Maharashtra silk

If you like your silk unadulterated, consider Maharashtra Silk from Euro Yarns. This lace weight, 100% silk yarn has approximately 800 yards per 100 gram hank.

Take a moment for that to sink in. 800 yards.

159491The Rosebud Lace Shawl, shown above, is one of two FREE patterns we have on our website that use just one hank of Maharashtra Silk. If you find this yarn under your tree you’ll be knitting happily for a while.

Mirasol SulkaSticking with the silk theme is Mirasol Sulka, a worsted weight 60% Merino Wool, 20% Alpaca, and 20% Silk blend. These hanks are a little smaller at 55 yards each, so make sure your loved one knows to get at least two.

You might want to look through the Sulka patterns and give a little more direction for quantity with this yarn.

30117With two skeins you can make this lovely FREE cowl pattern available on our website.

Keep in mind that proceeds from the sale of Mirasol yarns and patterns fund a school for the children of shepherds in the Puno region of Peru. You can read more about the Mirasol Project on their main website. It’s yarn you can feel good about buying.

Noro Shiro-2

Leaving silk behind, we come to Noro Shiraito, a delicious 45% Cashmere, 45% Angora, 10% Wool blend. If you can’t ask for cashmere at Christmas time, when will you ask for it?

161289There are many wonderful patterns ranging from garments to accessories using this yarn. This adorable teddy bear from the Spring 2013 issue of Noro Magazine takes just one ball! Who says you’d have to give this cuddly bear to a child when you’re done?

Luxury MohairA yarn that definitely isn’t for kids is our KFI Luxury Collection Luxury Mohair yarn. This luscious 75% Mohair, 25% Silk blend is hand dyed. With the great colors and textures you could knit a simple scarf and still have fantastic results.

QC llama laceLast, but not least, is Queensland Collection Llama Lace. As the name implies, this hand-dyed lace weight yarn is 100% llama and comes in 209 yard hanks.

This yarn is soft and has wonderful drape. You should pet it the next time you see it.

We have three free patterns on our website for this beautiful yarn.

I hope my little list gives you a starting point for guiding your yarn gifts. Are your loved ones brave enough to buy you yarn?

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