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Fountain Fingerless Mitts

It is my firm belief that you can never have enough fingerless mitts. Sort of how you can never have enough hand knit socks.

You need enough mitts to match your mood and outfit. That means you need plain ones and fancy ones, long ones and short ones, and don’t get me started on colors.

Free pattern on our website!

Free pattern on our website!

Download the Fountain Fingerless Mitts pattern. Add them to your Ravelry queue.

They are great for wearing inside if you are chilly because your fingers are still free to type (or knit and crochet?). People who live places where the weather doesn’t get terribly cold wear them outside because you can still text and pick up change.

Having a stash of fingerless mitts is also great for emergency gift giving. Wrap a pair up and you’re ready to go.

As though all that isn’t enough, just like socks, mitts are small, portable, and relatively quick to knit.

Do you dream of knitting?

Perhaps my recent fixation on fingerless mitts is what led me to dream about them recently.

What, you never dream about yarn and knitting or crocheting?

In my dream everyone was wearing fingerless mitts. There were at least six different pairs. Sadly, as is often the case with dreams, I could only remember two pairs when I woke up.

One pain was tan and had Lilly of the Valley lace on the back of the hand.

Well, when I looked up that stitch in my Barbara Walker Treasury I discovered it needed 27 stitches! Far to big for a little mitt.

I found this stitch pattern in my “The Ultimate Knitting Book” by Vogue Knitting. The picture in the book resembled Lilly of the Valley, but my swatch looked nothing like the picture in the book.

It looked better.

Doesn't it look like flowing water?

Doesn’t it look like flowing water?

And the edge had a nice swoop to it as well!

The mitt idea from my dream was quickly abandoned in favor of this new stitch pattern I’d discovered.

Notes and Alterations

The pattern, as written, takes just one ball of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool XL yarn. This is a 80% Wool, 20% Silk blend with approximately 104 yards per 50g ball. It has a lovely texture, which you can get an idea of in the picture just above.

It is available in 28 colors. I used #13 – Verdigris for my mitts.

The mitts will work up fairly quickly on US 6 needles, or the size you need to get the correct gauge.

If you make them longer, add stitches to the cuff.

If you make them longer, add stitches to the cuff.

The mitts are worked from the fingers to the cuff. This is my favorite way to work mitts because I think it’s easier to adjust the fit since you can anchor the needles on your thumb to ensure the finger portion is long enough.

I used double pointed needles, and have you distribute the stitches over three needles so the lace pattern is isolated on the middle needle. If you don’t like double points, you can probably use two circulars or Magic Loop just fine. I suggest you place additional markers to indicate where the needles would be so you can keep track of the stitch pattern and the thumb placement.

The mitts will fit a 7.5″ to 8″ hand. If you want them wider, simply add a few stitches to the plain stockinette portion on the palm. You’ll have to shift your thumb hole to keep the pattern centered. Put the mitt on and count how many stitches in from the side your thumb should be.

The cuffs end a little beyond where your wrist watch probably rests. If you make them longer you’ll need a second ball of yarn. If you make them longer you’ll want to increase stitches in the plain stockinette section to accommodate your forearm.


Download the Fountain Fingerless Mitts pattern. Add them to your Ravelry queue.

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