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Finished: Miss Kitty top

I finished my Miss Kitty top from the Louisa Harding Jesse book!

IMG_3767Here is it fresh off the needles. Well, after I wove in all the ends.

I used Jesse yarn in color #103-Faded. Jesse is a 100% Cotton Denim yarn that comes in 97 yard (50 gram) hanks. There are six new colors joining the 15 introduced last spring.

IMG_3821Here is the sweater after blocking and an hour or two of being worn.

I soaked the sweater in the sink, then squeezed out the excess water. Since this is a sweater that will be washed and worn, I decided to treat it how I will after wearing it. Rather than pinning it out, I pulled it a bit to open up the eyelets, then patted it into shape.

Coincidentally, the Yarn Harlot recently blogged about blocking a sweater. Her discussion sounds like what I did to my Miss Kitty top.

DSC08080Here I am wearing the sweater. My husband wasn’t home to take a picture for me, so I had to use the timer on the camera, which put it at a strange angle. It was a pretty windy day, too.

I like this picture because my dog Baru photo-bombed me. Also, I think the sweater is adorable!

I’m actually kinda excited it fits so well. I’ve been doing more knitting than sit-ups this winter and might have gained a couple pounds.

The sweater has two sizes: for actual bust of 30 3/4″ and 41″. I made the smaller size and am a 34″ actual. The schematic says the size I made is 33″ at the hem and 23 1/2″ at the collar.

DSC08082While another inch or two of breathing room might be more modest, judging by how my sweater fits, I think the collar on the larger size would have been too big for me.

But now that the weather is nice and the dogs and I can take longer walks, I might shrink down a little!

As it happened, my mom brought my niece and nephew down for a visit a few days after I finished the sweater.

IMG_3823For comparison, here is my teenaged niece in the same sweater after I’d been wearing it for a few hours. She, ahem, doesn’t fill it out as well as I do. (That’s Samson down in the corner.)

I think it looks great on both of us, which is why I hid it for the rest of the trip so she couldn’t swipe it.

There are 28 Miss Kitty projects on Ravelry. I think they all look great. One woman even made it into a dress!

Possible Modifications:

If you want to increase the bust size, the pattern tells you were to place stitch markers. There is a two pattern panel difference between the sizes in the book, so you might have to add them in pairs. As you can see from mine, it has a good amount of give.

It should be easy to make the sleeves longer. The pattern starts with working a garter stitch edge, during which you place markers. You’d have to work at least one full pattern repeat before setting them aside, otherwise you’d mess up the pattern when you start the yoke.

With a little planning you should be able to make tweaks.

Now that my Miss Kitty top is finally finished, I’m all set if warm weather every shows up! Have you started knitting and crocheting your spring wardrobe?

Find a local yarn store near you that stocks the Louisa Harding line so you can knit a Miss Kitty of your own.

Preview the rest of the Louisa Harding Jesse book.

Add Miss Kitty to your Ravelry queue.



  1. Your Miss Kitty top turned out beautiful and looks great on you!

  2. Thanks! As you can tell, I’m pleased as punch.

  3. Would like the pattern.

  4. How many skeins of yarn are called for to make the larger size? Yours turned out amazing and I’d like to order the pattern and yarn at the same time.

  5. My project to focus on next year is a sweater for myself. I’m going to stop pretending that I will do it when I lose some weight and just jump in. You did a great job on your sweater, it looks wonderful on and your description for the different size changes is excellent. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your Miss Kitty! Wow you are your niece look so much a like! Same lovely smile!

  7. You look just lovely. Clearly you are curvy and adorable with it! Brava!

  8. Hi M.J.!
    The pattern is in the Louisa Harding Jesse book.
    Ask for it at your local yarn store.

  9. Hi Sheryl
    The larger size calls for 10 skeins of Jesse yarn for the single color version. The two color version needs 7 of color A and 4 of color B.

    In case people are wondering, the smaller size takes 8 for the single color version and 5 of A, 3 of B for the two color version.

    Share pictures when you’re done!


  10. Go for it, Anita!

    Remember to take careful measurements and decide how much ease you want to feel comfortable. When I made my Tucked Pullover I decided to make the size that will fit me now instead of hoping I’d loose weight before I finished!

  11. Aww, thanks. She’s thrilled that she’s finally taller than me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Thanks, Mandy! Attitude goes a long way. I find it’s easier to smile when I feel like I look nice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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