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Finished: Kayleen Pullover

My Kayleen Pullover is finally finished! Things were a bit touch-and-go at the end.

My triumph over figuring out how to knit the sleeves top down was crushed when I tried on the sweater and discovered the cuffs were too tight.

(I might have been a little annoyed.)

IMG_4636On the bright side, since I’d worked the sleeves top down, it would be relatively easy to fix. If I’d worked the sleeves according to the magazine, bottom up and sewn on, I would have had a lot more ripping to do!

Also, I’m pretty sure the sleeves would have been too tight if I’d worked them according to the magazine. The sleeve cuffs are just too small for my arms, where I carry weight. When working the sleeves top-down, I maintained the decorative notch through decreases, which gave me the same stitch count as the magazine.

To add fullness to the sleeves, i ripped back to the end of the short row shaping for the sleeve cap and worked increases on the underside of the sleeve.

It took me three tries to get the sleeves to fit properly and look nice. For my second attempt, I tried to maintain the notch, and my extra width, by working extra increases to match the notch decreases. The bottom of the sleeve ended up with a weird looking flair.

It was so horrible, and annoying, I didn’t even take a picture!

IMG_4653Finally, I realized I would have to abandon the notch and knit the sleeves straight. I increased 2 stitches every other row to 70 sts, knit even for a few rounds, and then worked an I-Cord bind off to keep the look consistent.

IMG_4670Fighting to get the sleeves to fit properly was worth the struggle as the rest of the sweater is a great fit. I’m also pleased to report the Juniper Moon Sabine yarn survived all the sleeve ripping and re-knitting very well.

Project Details

Pattern: Kayleen Pullover by Cassie Castillo from the Summer 2014 issue of Interweave Knits. Smallest size

Yarn: Juniper Moon Farm Sabine, color 10-Icicle

Find a local yarn store near you that stocks the Juniper Moon Farm line.

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  1. It looks very nice; to spite the frogging.

  2. Wish I had all of the knowledge you have to recoup a project. I might have finished it and donate to the local charities. Kudos to you!

  3. It looks very nice on you , and the lack of a notch in the sleeve does not detract from the look.
    I agree with the above commenter, that your fund of knitting knowledge makes it easier for you to fix a problem. I have not yet done a sleeve from the top down, or an I cord bind off.

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