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Finished: Gillespie Shawl

I finished knitting my Gillespie Shawl from Louisa Harding’s Harmony book (#132)!

IMG_3696The knitting was actually completed over the weekend, when I stayed up late on Saturday night to finish it off. With the time change that meant I want from being up until 2 A.M. to being up until 3 A.M.. Yawn!

But just being done knitting didn’t mean it was “finished.”

IMG_3667I had to block it as well. Here it is fresh off the needles.

You can see the lace at the top edge is not very defined and the leaves on the bottom edge are all curled up.

IMG_3661Do you like my stylish US5 double pointed needle shawl pin?

I gave the finished Gillespie Shawl a soak in some cool water to relax the stitches.

IMG_3680Then I squeezed the excess water out and tossed it in the washing machine on the spin cycle to wring it out some more. I’ve very daring using the washing machine and haven’t had any bad results. Still, you have to asses how sturdy your project is before you risk it.

Then I spread it out on a clean, white towel and got down to the business of pinning it.

IMG_3681After shaping the shawl a bit side to side, I started by pinning all the leaves flat. It was tricky to flatten them, but maintain the pointed shape.

Then I pinned next to the eyelet row above the boarder so I could pull on the body of the shawl and open up those eyelets.

Then I worked on pinning the top edge, opening up the top lace as I worked.

Phew! I might have to look into buying a blocking kit as all that time crawling around on the floor was hard on my back.

The end results were worth it!

IMG_3694I had a friend at knitting group take these finished pictures. Another lady wandered by and styled the scarf for me.

IMG_3697It’s a much better look than stretched around my shoulders as in the pictures my husband took.

The pink sweater is my Tucked Pullover knit using Elsebeth Lavold Designer’s Choice Silky Wool yarn.

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See all the Louisa Harding Grace Harmonies yarn colors. I used #7 Bebop.

Add the Gillespie Shawl to your Ravelry queue.

Find a local yarn store in the USA that carries the Louisa Harding line.


  1. The Gillespie shawl is on my list to knit. Thanks for sharing your tips on finishing it. Yours turned out beautiful!

  2. Are you going to do a one color or a two color version?

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