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Finished: Buttercup Top

I finished my Buttercup top!

IMG_4309The reason it seems that I went from dividing the arms from the body to being finished is because I went on vacation last week, which gave me plenty of time to knit the endless rounds of stockinette stitch that make up the body! If you follow us on Instagram you would have been treated to many pictures of me knitting in the car. LOL IMG_4269But you didn’t miss much when I was knitting the body, since it is just straight knitting with some increases to create the A-line shape. The excitement came when I was working the neckline and sleeves. IMG_4273That is a bad picture in the mirror of the unfinished sweater. The pattern instructs you to knit the sleeves first and the neck edging second.

Since I wanted the sleeves a little longer than the pattern seemed to indicate, I tried on the unfinished top. I was horrified to see how open the neckline was. The entire top seemed to big for me.

On Instagram I declared I’d knit a tent! I was sure my gauge was off since I don’t usually have sizing disaster. IMG_4280But I forged ahead. I’d invested too much knitting time to give up! I was also encouraged by one of our Instagram friends saying she’d heard the top runs big.

To draw the neckline in, I picked up every other row up the sides of the neck. I knit six rows instead of the three recommended in the pattern. I also decreased 4 sts on each side on the second round, then 2 sts on each side on the 4th round. IMG_4294As you can (sort of) see in two pictures just above, the neckline closed up considerably. It did relax a bit after I blocked the sweater, but it’s still a much better fit than the first time I tried it on.

However, as I drew the neckline in I also drew the sleeves up. Therefore, I would suggest working the neckline FIRST and working the sleeves second so you get a more accurate sleeve length. IMG_4306To block this top, I just soaked it in the sink for a while, then patted it into shape on my drying rack. That is the way I’ll be caring for it when I wear it, so getting out the pins didn’t make any sense.

I did, however, tug at the areas where there are yarn overs in order to open up the eyelets. IMG_4310This was a simple project and I love the finished top! The Hempathy yarn has great drape. It was very nice to knit with and it feels wonderful on. This is a very comfortable top and I think I’ll be wearing it a lot this summer.

Find the Buttercup Top on Ravelry. I made the size S — 36″ bust for a 34″ actual.

See all the Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy colors.

I used #61-Kingfisher Find a local yarn store near you that carries the Elsebeth Lavold line.

And, yes, I already started swatching for my next project while this top was blocking!


  1. Great job – top looks fantastic, and comfortable as well!

  2. Love the Buttercup top

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