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End of Summer and the Beginning of a New Season

I’m proud to present a new book of designs and a lovely new yarn for this season.

Bolene sweater

The Bolene sweater is in SensuAL color #4

The yarn was an instant love affair. I named it SensuAl because it certainly is that – sensual. It is made of soft-as-a-cloud Baby Alpaca with just a teeny bit of Polyamide to create the hint of a bouclé effect which keeps it from behaving like your usual alpaca yarn; it is not drapey and heavy, it is light and soft as a cloud.

Ed Sweater

Ed is the sweater. The hat is Neve.

Even with the bouclé effect, many surface patterns have quite good definition, as evidenced by Bolene and the Ed/Edina designs. The softness of the yarn made it natural to include designs for men (they’re so sensitive) and for babies (they deserve the best).

I named the new collection Come Closer, because the SensuAl yarn is, in itself, an invitation to come closer. We also chose to photograph the designs from and even closer distance than we usually do. And I’m more than happy with the way the photographs turned out; Anders is such a brilliant photographer.

Karita sweater

Karita is knit in Favorite Wool.

Altogether, the collection contains some 20 designs (depending on how you count), half of them in Sensual, the rest in Favorite Wool, Silky Wool, Silky Wool XL and Silky Flammé, ranging from easy to experienced in terms of knitting skills required. There are designs for small projects, suitable to take along or to knit for gifts, there are lovely sweaters to knit in front of the TV or while chatting with friends, and there are designs that present quite a challenge.

Neve woman hat

The Neve woman hat uses 2 balls of SensuAL

Come closer – I’m sure you will find something to knit among my offerings.

Happy Knitting!
Elsebeth Lavold

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