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Ella Rae Pansies

Pansies is the name of a new spring book and yarn from Ella Rae.

This 100% Cotton yarn has approximately 93 yards per 50g ball and a suggested knitting gauge of 5.5 sts per inch on a US 6 needle.

Pansies #4It is available in 10 variegated colorways. This is a close up of colorway #4. As you can see, the color has a distressed look with a variety of stripes, flecks, and speckles.

When worked up the yarn has a self-striping effect, but the extra texture in the colors creates a lot of interest.

Pansies is an unmercerized cotton, which means it has a soft, buttery feel with just a hint of surface fuzz. You are probably more accustomed to working with mercerized cottons, which have been treated to add strength and shine. Mercerized cottons have a crisp appearance. Pansies has a more relaxed feel reminiscent of a favorite pair of jeans.

Boat neck sweater

The companion pattern book, #119 Pansies “Floral Fancy”, features six sweater patterns that take advantage of this casual feel.

These sweaters will end up being favorite weekend wear equally nice for hanging out in the backyard with friends or running errands around town.

The Boat-Neck sweater seen above has a relaxed fit and would be suitable for an advanced beginner because of the minimal shaping. Actually, an advanced beginner ready to take the next step from a drop shoulder sweater would probably find this a good project.

Simple CardiganThe Simple Cardigan lives up to it’s name. The plain stockinette stitch really allows the fun colors to shine.

This is another pattern that would be good for a beginner wanting to tackle his or her first cardigan. At the same time it will be a soothing auto-pilot project for an experienced knitter looking to relax.

Lacey CardiganFor something a little more challenging, you might enjoy the Lacey Cardigan.

The simple eyelet pattern doesn’t interfere with the stripes of the yarn, but will keep your attention while knitting. There is also a pretty Double Diamond Lace edging around the neck line.

The cardigan is closed by a tie at the neck, which means there is no need to worry about working button bands.

BoleroThe last pattern I want to highlight is the Bolero.

This cropped, short sleeved cardigan looks like a quick knit for an experienced knitter. It might be a little more challenging for a beginner because of the shaping on the fronts, but every pattern should advance our skills!

I think the Bolero will look equally good with a sun dress or jeans. This will be a good coverup for spring and summer.

Pansies #8I plan to make mine in color #8.

You can preview the rest of the book on our website.  Which pattern do you like best?

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