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With the approach of fall we’re taking another look at sweater patterns we’d like to make. The current issue of Noro Magazine is chock full of knit and crocheted sweaters that would be fun to make and wonderful to wear.

Noro Magazine Spring 2013

Noro Magazine Spring 2013

We want to hear what you think of this issue. Which patterns are making you reach for your needles or hook?

There are two different prizes on the line. Either a ball of Noro yarn or a Noro book. You have to leave a comment with your answer by Tuesday, Sept. 24. (I’ll select winners on Sept 25.) You can enter for both drawings, but you can win only one so you might want to mention which you prefer.


To enter for the yarn drawing:

1) Check out the latest issue of Noro Magazine on our main website and tell us which sweater you like best or are most likely to make or have already made.

2) We will select ten winners at random who will receive a free ball of NORO yarn.

To enter for the book drawing:

3) Tell us which sweater you think is Ann’s favorite from the current issue of Noro Magazine.

4) We will select another ten winners at random who will receive a free NORO pattern book.


(US residents. Void where prohibited.)


  1. Since I don’t knit I would try to crochet #9 Short Row Colorback Top. I also love the shawl on the front cover.

  2. It has to be #2. Warm and cozy for the winter.

  3. I think the colorblock saddle shoulder top — it’s so basic in line, and the color gradation is so pretty. Would like to do this one in fall colors.

  4. I will definitely knit this sweater for a baby gift: 29-31 Baby Girl Cardigan, Hat And Toy. I love the way the body flares out from the waist.

  5. I would have to say #22 the Mesh Banded Pullover….most exciting colors and textures.

  6. I love # 12 A-line tank. I get too hot for most sweaters, but this is perfect. There are a couple of others I like too but this is my favorite πŸ™‚

  7. πŸ™ I’m from Portugal!

  8. I am guessing that: 14 – Batwing Colorblock Topper is Ann’s favorite!

  9. I’d do the baby girl cardigan, hat and toy for my little grand daughters πŸ™‚

  10. Oooh I like the #9 colorblock top!!

  11. I changed my mind, (woman’s perogative) πŸ˜‰ My absolute favorite is #16 the saddle shoulder colorblock top. Love those colors. Oh, I just can’t decide. I love them both πŸ™‚

  12. Would love to make the Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top.It is the best “sweater”, but I also love the Scoop Neck Dress.

  13. The baby sweaters would be the first thing I would knit and then the shawl featured on the front. I have already purchased this magazine and so love it all!

  14. Since we have a new granddaughter on the way, I would like to make the baby girl sweater (29-31) and free yarn would help

  15. I would love to make#29-31 for my newest granddaughter. She’s#3 child and a little knitting deprived as I’ve been ill.

  16. I love the textured shawl, which is not a sweater, I know, but I would love to make it.

  17. I would happily knit the baby girl cardigan, hat and toy for my granddaughter.

  18. For the book drawing I think Ann’s favorite sweater would have to be the Mesh Banded Pullover. Why do I think that? Because it is my favorite!

  19. I don’t know Ann but I would guess her favorite is the Lace Maxi Dress because it is gorgeous!

  20. I just love the cropped mesh cardi. And Ann would like the color block batwing topper. There is not enough time to make all the patters I love.

  21. Sweaters #12 & 13 caught my attention and the baby sweaters. I have the cover shawl three quarters finished.

  22. My favorite is 29-31 baby boy cardigan with hat and toy;

  23. I’ve never knit with a skein of Noro before, but I would like to πŸ™‚ either win would be great.

  24. Love both baby sweaters!

  25. I like the Lace Maxi Dress best out of the magazine. I would totally make this for myself!

  26. I would like to make the Boy Cardigan, Hat and Bear #32-34

  27. And I think Ann’s favorite is the Patchwork #20

  28. It would have to be 32-34 and then 29-31. Such precious baby outfits.

  29. Batwing color block topper, I made a similar sweater and wear it all the time.

  30. I LOVE the cover photo- Frieda Kahlo Rocks! That’s #6. Either prize would be great!

  31. Ann would like #14 batwing colorblock topper. Thank you so much for a chance to enter your contest

  32. I’m actually partial to the shawl on the cover. My new love is the Noro Taiyo.

  33. My favorite is the Trellis Lace Duster – love it!!!!

  34. I like #17 the cropped mesh cardi. Beautiful colors!

  35. I love the scoop neck sweater dress and wish I had the patience (and time) to dedicate to making it.

  36. #15 Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top

  37. I would love to win either prize. Since I have recently returned to knitting, every bit helps!

  38. I’m currently making the cover shawl also. My favorite is #27.
    I think Ann’s favorite is #26.

  39. I think Ann would like #17 the cropped mesh cardi. πŸ˜‰

  40. I love the Batwing Colorblock Topper – Casual but sort of elegant at the same time

  41. I would most likely make pattern 17- the cropped mesh cardi, and although not a sweater, I have to say the bias eyelet cowl is gorgeous!

  42. multi directional cap leeve

  43. I am going to guess that Ann’s favorite pattern is 26- round yoke pullover.

  44. I just love the cropped mesh cardi, and I think it is the one Ann likes too. There is not enough time to make all the patterns I love!!!!

  45. I think I would be making #29-31-the baby girl cardigan, hat, and toy before making anything for myself (my nieces and nephews are having babies now that I need to make gifts for the new arrivals).

  46. The cropped mesh cardi to both questions. I would love to knit it and I thing it would be a favorite sweater.

  47. I like #06 the Semi Circle Shawl since I am into doing shawls right now. I like the lacy look and the shades of green shown are not bad either although I am a Purple person..

  48. My favorite is the Batwing Colorblock Topper (#14) , but my second favorite, and the one I’ll probably make (because it would be quick) is the multidirectional cap sleeve top (#15).

  49. My favorite is trifle so I am picking this pattern to be Ann’s fav too! Trifle simply speaks out to me. Lovely collection and thank you very much. Hope that I win.

  50. I really dig #21 the Trellis Lace Duster. AND I have a huge thing for shawls right now, so #05 Garter Lace Triangle Shawl makes me drool a lil bit.

    Um, I don’t know Ann, so I don’t know her tastes. I’m going to take a big ol’ guess and say her fave is #15 Multidirectional Cap sleeve Top.

  51. Love the baby boy cardigan, hat and teddy bear. I would start that project right away because I just had a baby boy. πŸ™‚

  52. Wow! I want to make all of them! But I think I’d start with the A-line tank. πŸ™‚

  53. I think the Mesh Banded Pullover is Ann’s favorite…but I don’t know how you could have a favorite from this collection. They are all fabulous!

  54. I would love to make #25 – Capelet! Love the colors chosen for this too!

  55. Ohmygosh, it would be hard to choose, but I thing the short row color block top would be my choice. What a great collection! I really love the color work in all if these.

  56. Love the shawls and scarfs – but to pick a sweater – probably one of the baby sweaters for a gift, but for me – have to be one of the shawls!! Love the Garter Lace and Semi Circle shawls!

  57. I believe sweater # 14 is a great one–i love the simplicity and modern lines. I love the use of so much color –especially in winter when we need it so much.

  58. Ahh, I’m a sucker for books… so I hope Ann likes the Mesh Wrap Cardigan!

  59. I like number two the best the mesh wrap around, I pick that for Anns favorite too. The baby sweaters are also cute. would prefer yarn.

  60. I love the 32-34 Baby Boy Cardigan – and I have the perfect baby boy in mind to make it for. πŸ™‚ I also really like the Bias Eyelet Cowl #19 – LOVE THE COLORS!

  61. I like the Butterfly Sleeve Dress….it looks so pretty….and I can either knit or crochet. I think that is the “other” Ann’s choice too! Thank you!

  62. I’m a sucker for baby stuff – love both the baby boy and baby girl sweater, hat and toy patterns – but do have a special place in my heart for the sheep with the baby girl pattern. : )

  63. I Love #26 – Round Yoke Pullover! I like the colors chosen for the piece in the photo. Very pretty.

  64. I love the textured shawl. That will be my project for winter.

  65. Personally, I’d love to crochet the @27 Cardigan.

    The choice for Ann was tougher, but I’ll go with the #22 pullover.

    I would LOVE to have this book!!

  66. So many to choose from, but the first on my list is #16 Saddle Shoulder Colorblock top. I love Taiyo!

  67. I love the Baby Girl #29-31 Cardigan—it would be really cute on my little grand daughter!

  68. I think Ann likes #22 the Mesh Banded Pullover! I sure do!

  69. I love, love, love to make baby knits so I would pick the Baby Sweaters and if I finished those before another baby came along I’d make the shawl on the cover for me!!

  70. I would make # 16. Love the square neckline and the short sleeves.

  71. I love both the Baby Girl and the Baby Boy sweaters and since I have a set of twins to knit for either would be perfect!

  72. inwould make 17 cropped mesh cardi. I love cardigans because they are so practical. I don’t wear any other kinds of sweaters. I like this pattern a lot because of the sleeves, made in wool it will be just warm enough.

  73. I am sitting here looking at the magazine which I do frequently as I like many of the patterns in this issue and would like to make about 3-4 of them at some point. And I absolutely love NORO yarn.

    I would most likely make the sweater on page 4, no. 15 the Irina Poludnenko, the Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top or the one on page 46, no 14 the BatWing Colorblock Topper. Both are very functional looking.

    As for Anne, since I don’t know her, I will guess that she likes the Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top. Hope that is correct. And, if I happen to win…..I would love the yarn.

  74. Definitely 29-31 the baby girl set! My daughter and hubby are adopting and I feel it will be a girl! So that’s the one I would do!

  75. The Noro sweater I like the best is #15 the Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top.

  76. Love the Noro brand yarns. They have such beautiful colorways I’d have a hard time figuring out which pattern to do first.

  77. the round neck pull-over, it is CRAZY! (for ann’s favorite.)

  78. The two sweaters that my daughter may be getting are #9, the Short Row Colorblock Top and #13, the Sleeveless Colorblock Hoodie. I also have post its all over the magazine, especially on the shawl patterns. I LOVE the Noro magazine!
    As for Ann’s favorite, I have no idea, so I’ll just guess #11, the Hourglass Top. It’s so fashionable and makes such good use of Noro yarn.

  79. Love # 19, the cowl — so unusual. I also love the baby boy’s sweater. The blue is soft and the look is

  80. I have made so many Noro sweaters and become so accustomed to the very unique colorways that I find it difficult to use any other yarn. I believe that says I am a Noro addict. Love that y

  81. I love Noro Yarn. I have made so many sweaters of the various styles that, Becoming accustomed to the unique color ways, I have become a Noro addict.

    I would love to make the Batwing Colorblock Topper. It looks as if it would knit up fast and easy and be super comfortable to wear this fall.

  82. I would love to knit &wear #9 short row color block top. Love Noro!

  83. Love Noro yarns… and # 15 – Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top and 29-31 Baby Girl Cardigan, Hat And Toy are projects I’d love to try.

  84. I would have a blast making the baby boy and baby girl sweater set. It would be so much fun watching the Noro yarn colors play out. I have friends that are having babies and maybe I will have a grandchild in the near future.

  85. Oh my goodness I love # 21 – Trellis Lace Duster! I would make that in a minute! I think that would be Ann’s favorite. Getting yarn is always great but the book would last forever. I would LOVE to win the pattern book. (don’t get me wrong yarn is great also:-)

  86. I like the crocheted v-neck cardigan.

  87. Elizabeth Crecelius

    September 20, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    I love the mesh Banded Pullover the best but the Mesh Wrap Cardigan is interesting with the solid areas contrasting the mesh. The Square and Stripe Tank is a great look also. Thanks for the great patterns. I love the cover!

  88. I absolutely LOVE number 14-Batwing Colorblock topper!!!

  89. And, I think Ann loves it as much as I do (14- Batwing Colorblock Topper. And as far as the contest goes, I would prefer to win the Noro book (and I will be ordering the NORO yarn!!!!!)

    Thank you so much for this wonderful contest!

  90. I would love to make the #6 semi-circle shawl.

    I am guessing Ann likes the Hour Glass Top. Or possibly the # 17 Cropped Mesh Cardi

  91. I have been knitting baby things for future grands so I’d probably make the baby girl hat and cardigan. It’s so adorable. I would love to win yarn on the 25th, my birthday. πŸ™‚ Everything was so pretty and unique.

  92. The Semi-circle shawl (on the cover) – hands down is my favorite! I really like the baby sets, too…..

  93. Love noro working on a pop blanket and it makes it pop

  94. I like them all but would probably try the Multidirectional Cap Sleeve. 2nd question, I think the short row colorblock would be her fav.

  95. Ann’s Favorite: 09 Short Row Colorblock Top

  96. I can’t wait to make: 15 – Multidirectional cap sleeve top!

    I’ve seen this sweater on different web pages … it makes me stop and go “ooooooh” every time!

  97. I would love to make 19 – Bias Eyelet Cowl, I like the texture and colors used… very interesting.

  98. I think Ann would like 03 – Lace Maxi Dress

  99. Square and Stripe Top….Yummy!!!

  100. I really like #26 the round yoked pullover.

  101. Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top is my favorite! I’ve been looking for this patter. I’d love to win a copy. Thank you!

  102. The mesh banded pullover and the mesh wrap cardigan are RIDICULOUS!!! Perfect for Portland winters – both in color and in style. Very clever designs. Love them!

  103. Ann should love the round yoke sweater – it’s stylish, subtle and classy … a little cheeky.

  104. i love wraps . . . . always feels like a hug so i would make the mesh wrap cardigan

    as for ann . . . . definitely the sassy motif tank dress . . . i might even make that one too

  105. I’m thinking that the A-link tank is going to have to find its way onto my needles! It’s gorgeous!! And I’m thinking that it’s Ann’s favorite too!

  106. I absolutely love the #24 tank dress. I would love to make that for my daughter. πŸ™‚

  107. I’d make the Mesh Wrap Cardigan

  108. I’d like to make #28 the crochet V-neck top and #25 the Capelet! They’re all great!

  109. I really like the Saddle Shoulder Top- #16. I could see this in a darker, more fallish color way. It would be perfect for work!

  110. Jane from Maryland

    September 21, 2013 at 10:46 am

    The A line sweater on page 44 is my favorite sweater, though I’m 2/3 of the way through the shawl on the cover. Ann’s favorite? Trellis Lace Duster. Truly stunning.

  111. 32-34 Baby Boy Cardigan, Teddy Bear And Hat would be my choice with my brand spanking new grandson in mnd.

  112. Trellis Lace Duster is my favorite!!!

  113. Deb Van Iderstine

    September 21, 2013 at 10:57 am

    I would love to make the “mesh banded pullover”, no. 22. I’m thinking Ann would like the “Sheer Panel Dress”, no. 2.

  114. I favor the Batwing ColorBlock Topper, but also love the Trellis Lace Duster. They are all beautiful patterns; very hard to choose one from all of them.

  115. My favorite is #11 Hourglass Top – I have already started it!

  116. I think Ann’s favorite is #1 Scoop neck dress.

  117. I’m a shawl knitting fiend, so put me down for 05 Garter Lace Triangle, 06 Semi Circle, 07 Lace Panel, and 08 Textured.

  118. I would love to kit the mesh banded pullover. Ann, of course, having equally great taste would knit the same one!

  119. I would love to knit pattern 06 the semi circle shawl! πŸ™‚

  120. I love the A-Line Tank……..actually, it was hard to pick, but many of those patterns are simply awesome. Thanks for all the choices!

  121. I would knot the 06 – semi circular shaw, I like the lacey pattern and the color mis.

  122. Butterfly Dress.. with a semi circle shawl and a bias Eyelet cowl… hmmmm – what an outfit!!

  123. Ann might like the butterfly dress!! I DO!!

  124. Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top is my favorite. I love the way it highlights the striping variations of the Noro yarn!

  125. I think Ann’s favorite might be the Batwing Colorblock Topper. If I am fortunate enough to win both drawings, my preference would be for the patterns. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  126. The Hourglass sweater looks so cool. I’d love to knit it up

  127. I like quite a few of the designs, but I am most likely to make #10, the square and stripe tank by Irina Poludnenko, one of my favorite designers.

  128. a new knitter, I am thinking I would like to try making a shawl soon…therefore I like the following


    06 – Semi-Circle Shawl

    From Publication: Noro Magazine #02 (Spring 2013)

  129. I like #25

  130. None of them, there’s no men’s patterns, and I’m a male knitter.

  131. I like the round yoke cardigan and I think Ann would like the sheer panel dress.

  132. I would do the sweater dress – I like a challenge

  133. I like #22 best. I would take a ball of yarn.

  134. I am the grandmother of three boys and my daughter is having triplets in January…3 more boys!!! I will most likely be making the baby boy cardigan and hat set (three times).

    Ann’s choice might be the cover shawl….it is lovely.

  135. Pattern 16,Saddle Shoulder Colorblock Top – I love the interesting way the colorways are used.

  136. My favorite has to be #17 cropped mesh cardi. I’m making another cropped top right now. I have a few jackets of this style… Don’t know why, I guess I like it in general.

  137. I would like to make number ten.

  138. OMG…well, I love the dress with the fluttery sleeves, the batwing color block topper, the trellis lace duster, the cropped mesh cardi. wow so many of them. I just love Noro yarn and the colors. I could make one of each for myself or my daughter, nieces, sister in laws. Yummy sweaters!

  139. If I were lucky enough to win a free skein of Noro yarn, I would make the Textured Shawl. It looks fabulous for chilly autumn nights.

    Or maybe the Baby Sweater and Hat kit – I do love to surprise new Moms with hand knit goodies!

  140. Roxy64 on Ravelry

    September 23, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    The little girl’s baby sweater……Too cute!

  141. Roxy64 on Ravelry

    September 23, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    I would say Ann’s favorite is the textured shawl.

  142. I fell in love with the sleeveless hoodie and my granddaughter may be getting it for Christmas. I think she will love it, too!

  143. I like #18. So lovely!

  144. I think the 29-31 Baby Girl Cardigan, Hat And Toy is super cute! I just found out my sister is having a little girl so I’m looking for something cute and easy to make for her for Christmas (the baby’s due date!)

  145. I love the baby boy and baby girl sweater sets – for me the saddle shoulder colorblock top. For Ann my pick is Mesh Banded pullover

  146. I love #18–the mesh wrap cardigan! I am going to try that next!!

  147. I think that I would be most likely to make the Garter Lace Triangle Shawl although all of the patterns are beautiful.

  148. #29 Baby Girl Cardigan and toys would be what I would make with a free skein of Noro yarn!
    It’s darling!

  149. I think Ann’s favorite is the butterfly sleeve dress!!

  150. Love The scoop neck dress!
    Would love to win the book!

  151. Pattern 13 sleeveless colorblock hoodie, although basic makes a huge impression. Very pretty. I also like the lace maxi dress #3 for inspiration of a skirt. I think it is a little too lacy up top and too much for an overall dress, but the pattern is pretty.

  152. #11 Hourglass Top — it was hard to pick just one!!!

  153. Has to be #1 Scoop Neck Dress. Such pretty colors and fitted extremely well. The style is flattering to most figures.

  154. I love the little girls’ sweater, but I definitely want to make the shawl. A close friend is getting married and she requested a colorful wrap as a gift. It would be perfect. I’m a fiber addict, but I’ve never knit with Noro…. I’d love a chance to do so!

  155. For both guesses Trellis lace Duster I would def make it and see no reason it wouldn’t be the favorite πŸ™‚

  156. I think Ann’s favorite is #22 Mesh Banded Sweater – no reason except it’s my second choice behind the Scoop Neck Dress πŸ™‚

  157. My choice #13
    Ann’s choice #22

  158. I love the Semi-Circle Shawl! I love making shawls and cowls…have yet to venture into sweater-making territory. πŸ™‚

  159. Ann’s favorite is #14, the batwing color block top.

  160. #21…Trellis lace duster favorite!

  161. I like pattern #25 – Caplet. It’s fall time now and would love to have my shoulders covered to keep the cool air away.

  162. I like the Cropped Mesh Cardi.

  163. My favorite: Mesh Banded Pullover

    Ann pick: No idea…the Short Row Color Block Top?


  164. I think Ann’s favorite is pattern #8 – Textured Shawl.

  165. The Cropped Mesh Cardi should be a favorite of Ann’s . It’s looks easy but has a fashionable spark

  166. Kathleen Harrison

    September 23, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    #6 Semi Circle Shawl is beautiful, classy and looks like a great shawl to knit and wear. Very versatile….

  167. I love #18, the Mesh Wrap Cardigan. so pretty!

  168. I love sweater number 22. Love the color and style.

  169. I love the shawl pattern on the cover!

  170. I would like to try the sweet baby confection of sweater,hat and lamb. They are just adorable and will be given as a birthday gift.

  171. #22 the mesh banded pullover is fantastic! I love the colors, and textures.

  172. I like the baby cardigan for my granddaughter!

  173. Christine Mitchell

    September 23, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    I like 18, the Mesh Wrap Cardigan. πŸ™‚

  174. I think Ann would like the Mesh banded pullover!

  175. 29-31 at least you grouped them. SOSOSO cute!!

  176. Love the #21 Lace Duster!!! Also love the baby sweaters, those are adorable.

  177. I would to the #16 the saddle shoulder top.

  178. I would have to say my favorite sweater would be 18 – Mesh Wrap Cardigan The colors are exciting and the tie on the side is adorable.

  179. I love the 29-31 Baby Girl Cardigan, Hat And Toy. I like the selection of color of yarns used for the project. I would prefer the Noro Book.

  180. I think Ann’s favorite is the crochet V Neck

  181. I really like #19 Bias Eyelet Cowl. I Iike the way the eyelet pops.

  182. #2 definitely! It looks so comfy!

  183. I love the Mesh Wrap Cardigan # 18!

  184. #24 – Motif Tank Dress! I love the dresses!

  185. Love the Butterfly Sleeve Dress, number 23. Love the color combinations and the geometric layout. Second favorite is 24 motif tank dress which share the same geometric feel….would love to win a ball of yarn for these.

  186. I would try the patchwork mesh top. I would take a ball of yarn for the boy cardigan.

  187. I would make 14 – Batwing Colorblock Topper –it looks like something i’d wear.
    I think Ann would like the A-line Tank.

  188. The Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top would be my first choice. I’d love to see this in warm fall colors. But several others would be in the running…

  189. My pick is 14 – Batwing Colorblock Topper for myself. For Ann, possibly 26 – Round Yoke Pullover.

  190. #21 the Trellis Lace Duster

  191. I hope Ann agrees with me that the Mesh Wrap Cardigan is gorgeous!

  192. Ann’s favorite maybe #18

  193. I think Ann’s favorite might be 26 – Round Yoke Pullover, for the simple fact that it is just gorgeous!
    The pattern I am most likely to make myself would be 21 – Trellis Lace Duster because I just love dusters. My preference should I win is for the pattern book. Thanks, have a great week!

  194. Elizabeth Osborne

    September 23, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Love the Mesh Banded Pullover!

  195. I would love to make the Multi Directional Cap Sleeve Top for my 18 year old daughter. It would look so cute with jeans.

  196. I think Ann’s favorite might be the butterfly sleeve dress.

  197. I would knit #12 and #20!!! But there are several others I would like to work up!!!

  198. I like the 06 semi circle shawl, since I’m on a shawl kick lately that is what I’d most likely make.

  199. I think the mult-idirectional cap sleeve is sweater is very nice!

  200. I would make the Baby girl cardigan

  201. #08 Textured Shawl… Its stunning. Love the colors!

  202. I like 16, and I think she would like 22. They are all very nice!

  203. My pick is #22! Such gorgeous colors!

    Ann’s pick I would guess #17!

  204. I love the Patchwork Mesh Top! Great sweater!

    knitathome @

  205. Amy Dresser Trejo

    September 23, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    I like #06 Semi-Circle Shawl, for Ann #27 Crochet V Neck Cardi. I must admit I have never tried Noro yarn ( I know, I know..but now I must try some…)

  206. I love #14 – Batwing Colorblock Topper. It’s definitely my style.

  207. I love the A line tank. I think it would be fun to knit also.

  208. My favorite sweater is #27 the crochet v neck cardi, and I think Ann’s favorite would be #26, the round yoke pullover.

  209. I think Ann’s favorite must be the banded dress. It is gorgeous.

  210. I’d love to make #29,the baby girl sweater,hat and toys.
    Anne’s pick-#32

  211. I love the cover project – I have this magazine from the iPad app – I am trying to get some other projects done and started for Christmas – and since I have 2 grandbabies on the way – one is a boy and the little sweater will be made for him. Other grandbaby is unknown gender as of now.

    Ann would probably like #17 – that is my guess.

  212. I already have this magazine and love noro yarn. I have to say I love NO. 23 and NO. 24 its a toss up and that’s why I bought the magazine. I also like No. 8 the shawl

    ann;s favorite is a pure guess…No.6 its on the cover πŸ˜‰

  213. I love #1 – the sweater dress. It looks warm, comfortable, and cute! Love the tie detail.

  214. I would choose pattern #6 – the semi circular shawl. It is just the right time of year to wear that fun layer.

  215. I like 29-31 baby girl sweater set.

  216. I’d make the Mesh Banded Pullover for myself, or the Baby Cardigan and Bear as a gift. I think Ann likes the Lace Maxi Dress. Given a choice, I’d prefer the yarn! Thanks for the fun.

  217. #20 sweater. I love the mixture of color and texture. Beautiful sweater.

  218. My favorite is the Trellis Lace Duster. Would love some yarn to make it!

  219. My absolute favorite is the bias eyelet cowl, I love the look and the colors in this pattern.

    I would guess that Anne’s pick would be the sheer panel dress.

  220. I like – #22 Mesh Banded Pullover
    Ann would like – #22 Mesh Banded Pullover

  221. I’d probably knit either of the baby cardies since I have 2 friends with babies on the way. One is having girls and the other a boy.

  222. I have a year old granddaughter who would look even more adorable in the baby girl cardigan, hat and toy. The toy is particularly sweet and she would love it.

  223. The crochet V-neck cardi for both my and Anne’s pic! I love the style!

  224. I would love to make the baby girl sweater set!

  225. My favorite is the #03 lace maxi dress! I would love to make and wear this.

    Possibly Anne’s favorite is the same as mine πŸ™‚

  226. I would make #18, the color block cardigan. It can be worn for casual or business casual occasions and has enough variation to hold my interest. I’d love to win a ball of Noro yarn.

  227. My pick 01 Scoop Neck Dress. I think I make it for my daughter…

  228. i love the sleeveless colorblock hoodie. Very cute

  229. I like #12 A Line Tank. This would be perfect for my niece. she has a long torso and its hard to find patterns that would really flatter her!

  230. There is no way that I could pick one that I liked best because they are all so beautiful. I have never knitted with NORO but I would definitely try it. Love the colors that it comes in

  231. #22 mesh banded pullover …love the colors but a great classic style

  232. I just love the baby girl cardigan! 29-31. I can not find Shiriata at any of my local yarn shops yet!

  233. My favorite: #18 Mesh wrap cardigan

    Ann’s favorite: #25 caplet

    Love this inspirational yarn!

  234. Number 15, the multi directional cap sleeve tee us my favorite!

  235. I think Ann likes #22 the Mesh banded pullover. It’s colorful and fun and you can wear great funky
    jewelry with it!

  236. I love moro yarn,it has lovely colors pallet. i love number 3 lace dress.

  237. Would love to make the cropped mesh cardigan!

  238. Definitely number 20 , the mesh banded pullover. I also love the shawl because the photos of the model make her look like Frida Kahlo, the wonderful Mexican artist.

  239. I like the eyelet cowl.

  240. I like the A-line tank for myself. And I think Ann would like the Trellis Lace Duster. Thank you!

  241. I Love the #4 Banded Dress I would make that for sure!!!! Love Noro Yarns Have made socks, shawls and skirt from Noro yarns would love a book or yarn Love Love Love

  242. I love them all. I would make #2 first.

  243. I like #22! I would like the yarn.

  244. #14 batwing color block topper. Hard to pick a favorite, they all look great.

  245. I LOVE Noro yarn — it’s my guilty pleasure. My favorite is #27.
    I think Ann’s favorite is #4.

  246. The maxi lace dress for me and the bat wing for Anne.

  247. The sweater I’d like to make is the mesh-banded pullover. So pretty!

  248. I suspect Ann’s favorite pattern is the semi-circle shawl since it was selected as the cover photo of the magazine.

  249. I would go with #6 Shawl. I’m a shawl kinda gal anyhow.

  250. I think Ann would like #17 the crop mesh cardi.

  251. 24 – Motif Tank Dress for my wife of course πŸ˜‰

  252. I love the Gooseberry Fool Bag!. Love the colors! I think Ann’s pick would be the Rhubarb Pumpkin Sweater.

  253. Darlene D Derksen

    September 24, 2013 at 8:36 am

    I love the Baby boy set with the teddy bear.
    Ann love it all, but I will pick #21 Trellis Lace Duster…
    Good luck to me. πŸ™‚

  254. I love #19 Bias Eyelet cowl…

    I think think Anne’s pick would be #23 Butterfly Sleeve dress

  255. Love #22. Would make it for sure.

  256. Loved the No. 25! The colors are fantastic! For the cover magazine I think it will be No. 2!

  257. #21 The Trellis Duster is one that I would love to have. Anne’s pick? I think #17.

  258. I love the hourglass sweater. It is so simple yet has interesting lines.

  259. I think that Ann’s favorite is #3, the lace maxi dress.

  260. I would love to win something. My birthday is Sept. 28th so it would be a fantastic birthday present for me. Plus, all the people in my knitting group keep talking about how great Noro is, but I haven’t used it yet.

  261. I would probably knit the #17 Cropped Mesh Cardi for my daughter, if I were to knit a sweater. Personally, I prefer shawls, and I like the #07 Lace Panel Shawl.

  262. I would defininitely make the Cropped Mesh Cardi as a gift for my daughter-in-law. Noro yarn is so perfect for love of colors!

  263. Design 18 (the hooded jacket) is my favorite and the socks.

    23 – Butterfly Sleeve Dress
    From Publication: Noro Magazine #02 (Spring 2013)
    32-34 Baby Boy Cardigan, Teddy Bear And Hat
    From Publication: Noro Magazine #02 (Spring 2013

  265. I love #21 – Trellis Lace Cardi!!!!

  266. I really like the textured look of sweater # 22 – Mesh banded pullover. I think Ann’s favorite sweater might be #17 – Cropped Mesh Cardi.

  267. I like #26 the Round Yoke Pullover, I suspect Ann would like #17, the Cropped Mesh Cardigan

  268. I like and would definitely make the little girls dress, hat and toys. pattern # 29-31. and I would love a ball of Noro’s scrumptious yarn. YUM!

  269. Ann’s favorite sweater, I am guessing at # 14. I also love that one and would make it also.

  270. Tough decisions… my choice: multi-directional cap sleeve top. Ann’s choice: short row colorblock top.

  271. Yarn Drawing: Mesh Pull Over,Sheer Panel Dress and the Trellis Lace Duster.

    Book Drawing: Bias Eyelet Cowl

  272. I think it would be #9 Short Row Colorback Top! I am mastering those short rows!

  273. 1) mesh wrap cardigan-18

    2) hourglass top-11

  274. There are so many patteern that I love and would love to make, but I really love short row-ing, so I have to say #09.

  275. Tough choice, they’re all great patterns! I’ve got my eye on #22, the mesh banded pullover. It would be a perfect sweater for fall where I live!

  276. I like Pattern 22 for the Mesh Banded Pullover. The design has an interesting texture.

  277. i think anns choice would be 9 the simi-curculer shaw’, my fav would be the baby boy,as am expecting new gr gr son, would love the yarn but the book would be great

  278. Pattern 16 – Saddle Shoulder Colorblock Top is my favorite. The colors are beautiful and bright.

    I’m guessing Ann’s favorite to be Pattern 15 – Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top, because I think she prefers knitting over crochet and it reminds of the Billy Sweater that she knit.

    It’s too difficult for me to choose between yarn or book. I’d be happy with anything Noro.

  279. I would have knitted #15 in two days and would have also. πŸ™‚

  280. I love the #12 – A-Line Tank… in the olive, lime & black color of the Noro Takeuma yarn! Would love to win!

  281. I like #20. It looks like something I would wear a lot.

  282. I already bought the noro yarn for the cropped mesh cardi! Thanks yarn garden in Charlotte, MI! I would guess that the baby sweater is Ann’s favorite. : )

    This is a great magazine, btw!

  283. Hi Cynthia.
    You are a book winner, please look for an email from me with directions to claim your prize.

  284. Hi Gail.
    You are a yarn winner.
    Please look for an email from me with directions to claim your prize.

  285. Hi Emely.
    You are a book winner.
    Please look for an email from me with directions to claim your prize.

  286. Hi Dawn.
    You are a yarn winner.
    Please look for an email from me with directions to claim your prize.

  287. Hi Barbara
    You are a yarn winner.
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  288. Hi Kim.
    You are a book winner.
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  289. Hi Christi
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  290. Hi Shirley
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  291. Hi Susan.
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