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Deek and Lark Monsters CAL

How are your Alfo and Bixi coming along?

Well you better finish up quick because Deek and Lark have joined the party!

And these cute crocheted amigurumi have a lot to contribute.

Deek monster

Life is better with friends

If two heads are better than one, Deek knows that three are better than two!

After all, life is more fun when you have friends along. Why not let Deek bring some fun to your life?

You can download the free pattern for Deek here. You can add Deek to your Ravelry queue here.

Lark monster

Who needs toes when you have ruffles?

Stage your own alien invasion with Lark.

This kooky, mollusk based life-form will transport you to a world where cuddles reign supreme!

You can download the free pattern for Lark here. You can add Lark to your Ravelry queue here.

Bixi Update

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t finished your Alfo or Bixi yet. Neither have I. (Well, I had to take a break to finish knitting sleeves for a cardigan I’ve been working on.)

Bixi bits 2

Ears, arms and feet!

I have finished all of Bixi’s appendages–arms, feet, and ears!–and have crocheted a few rows for her body.

She’s working up so quickly, I’m going to have to locate my stuffing soon.

Remember to share pictures of your progress on the Ella Rae Facebook page. That is also the place to ask any questions you might have as your working along.

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  1. my Bixi is also still in pieces – i will post pics later today – but I am having so much fun with these. LOVE the two new friends!

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