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Debbie Bliss Magazine Spring/Summer 2012

The new issue of Debbie Bliss Magazine hit store shelves earlier this month. Since it is chock full of good stuff it takes a while to consider the patterns and select which ones to highlight.

When I get a new magazine first thing I do is flip through quickly to see what grabs my attention (of course this usually happens in the store as I’m deciding to buy it).

Then I like to have a more leisurely read, perhaps with a nice cup of tea.

Simple Tank

Simple Tank (#2)

Hands down my favorite project is the Simple Tank (project #2)  in the “Simple Stripes” section.

This top uses Rialto 4-Ply a 100% Extra Fine Merino yarn. This is a very soft, fingering weight yarn. The pattern doesn’t take much yarn at all (from 5 to 7 balls depending on what size you are making) and should work up quickly. There is some gentle side shaping, which should make the top very flattering.

The stripes are narrow enough that it should be possible to carry the unused yarns up the side thus avoiding a needing to weave in a million ends.

Of course the fuchsia and tangerine stripes are very stylish right now. They aren’t my usual colors (I’m much more of a red and blue girl), but I think I’ll stick with them. It’s good to work outside your comfort zone sometimes.

If you don’t feel like challenging your color sensibilities Rialto 4-Ply comes in 27 colors, which makes it easy to change them up if the fuchsia and tangerine aren’t speaking to you like they are to me.

See other patterns using Rialto 4-Ply in the “Beach Belles” book.

Lace Stole

Lace Stole (#10)

The next pattern that caught my eye was the pink Lace Stole (project #10) in the “Touch of Blush” section.

The “Touch of Blush” section includes four patterns (two tops and two shawls) using the new Rialto Lace yarn. Continuing the Rialto line, Rialto Lace is also 100% Extrafine Merino wool. It comes in 429 yard (50 gram) balls, has a suggested gauge of 8 sts to the inch on a US 2 needle, and comes in 20 colors.

The Lace Stole is worked on US6 needles and requires three balls of yarn. I like the leaf motif marching up the stole. This piece looks like it would be an attractive way to chase the chill on a spring evening.

See other patterns using Rialto Lace in the new “Rialto Lace” book.

Openwork cardigan

Openwork Cardigan (#28)

Another attractive chill chaser is the Openwork Cardigan (project #28) in the “Summer Shimmer” section. There is a tunic, a shrug, and a skirt in the section in addition to this feminine cardigan.

Design by Nina Sagulin, the cardigan requires three to five balls (depending on the size) of Party Angel yarn. Party Angel is a delicious 72% Superkid Mohair, 24% Silk, 4% Metallic Polyester blend available in 10 colors.

The cardigan is knit on US10 needles, so don’t let the fine gauge of the yarn intimidate you. The lace pattern is also fairly simple with the wrong side rows work in plain purl stitch, which gives you a chance to rest.

I like this cardigan because it’s lightweight, but I know it will be warm because the halo from the mohair will help trap air. This would be a great garment over a summer dress out in the evening. I think the styling would also lend itself to wearing in the office when the air conditioning gets too enthusiastic.

If you don’t want the glitter of Party Angel for office wear, you can substitute Angel yarn a 76% Super Kid Mohair, 24% Silk blend. Six new colors brings your total color choices up to 24.

See other patterns using Party Angel in the leaflet of the same name. See other pattern using Angel in the book of the same name and the book “A Fine Romance”.

Moss Stitch Chair Throw

Moss Stitch Chair Throw (#19)

One of the nice things about the Debbie Bliss Magazine is that in addition to garments there are usually projects for the home as well.

The Moss Stitch Chair Throw (project #19) in the “Coffee and Cream” section is 22 3/4 inches by 43 inches, just the right size for covering up without getting overwhelmed.

It looks so soft and luscious in the magazine I just want to snuggle into it.

The throw is knit using nine hanks of Paloma and US 15 needles, which means it should work up quickly. Paloma is a new 60% Baby Alpaca, 40% Merino Wool blend that comes in 16 colors. With the high alpaca content this yarn is like knitting with a cloud. Finished projects are both warm and soft.

If I was going to make this throw I’d go with either color #9-Basil or #8-Mustard, either of which would match my decor. But the smart thing would be to go with color #7-Rust, which would match my Golden Retrievers, since I suspect I would have to share it with them.

See garments us Paloma in the book of the same name.

Napkin rings

Napkin Rings (#22)

A project I wouldn’t have to share with Samson & Baru would be the Napkin Rings (project #22) from the same section.

One ball of Eco Baby will make all four rings. A cardboard tube, such as from a roll of gift wrap, is used to give the rings structure.

Eco Baby is a 100% Organic Cotton yarn available in 24 colors that comes in 137 yard balls.

The napkin rings should be quick to make and easy to show off–just have a dinner party! If your knitting project queue is long the rings will be a great summer project when you don’t want to be covered in yarn.

The magazine includes patterns for place mats and a table runner to complete your table’s outfit.

See other projects using Eco Baby in the new “Celebrating Family” book.

And Much More!

I’ve highlighted a few of the patterns in the magazine that have caught my eye. With 30 projects, you see something new each time you pick it up. I haven’t even mentioned the cute garments for kids and babies!

Honestly there is a cute Striped Sweater (project #16) in the “Kids Ahoy!” section that I wish came in my size!

And what would a magazine be without articles?

There is a good tutorial about seams with nice clear, big pictures.

An interview with Anna Hrachovec, the designer of the “Knitting Mochimochi” book, along with her pattern for teeny chickens.

And an article about Debbie and her daughter Nell’s visit to Canada in September.

Quite a bit to keep you busy as you wait for spring to arrive.

Look for the magazine at your local yarn store (where you can pick up the yarn for your favorite project as well) or at your local book store.


  1. I suppose I would need to make the throw in black to match my pugs. Beautiful projects.

  2. I agree, it’s another fabulous issue!
    Thank you for highlighting the Openwork Caridgan #28…I’ve been wanting to try Debbie’s Party Angel yarn. It may be just the project for it!

  3. It’s interesting how we see projects differently from one day to the next depending on our mood or what someone else points out. 🙂

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