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Circulo Scarves

There are two fun new “yarns” on the American market from Brazil from the Circulo company.

Rather than being yarn in the traditional sense of spun fibers these trendy novelty textiles are strips of fabric or lace that you can use to knit or crochet.

Think along the lines of the very popular novelty yarns like Rumples and Petals that knit up into quick, ruffled scarves.

Circulo scarves

Scarves from the new Circulo "yarn" are a fun addition to your wardrobe.

As you can see, they work up into fun, feminine scarves that will add pizzazz to your wardrobe.

From the left we have two colors of the Tecido Trico fabric yarn knit into scarves. One hank of this 100% Polyester yarn will make a scarf. Tecido Trico comes in 12 floral prints and 13 animal prints.

At the far right is a scarf knit from the white Renda Trico Margarida lace yarn. One hank of this 100% Polyamide yarn, which is available in 10 colors, will make a scarf.

Second from the right, the lavender one I skipped, is coordinating colors of both yarns held together.

Tecido Trico–Fabric version

Tecido Trico scarf

The navy scarf in action.

Here you can see the scarf in action on our model. This sample is in color #266-Navy with Pink Floral.

Blue fabric scarf

There is a free pattern on our website.

Here’s another view of the light blue scarf. It is color #263-Sky Blue with Pink Flowers. You can download the free pattern for this scarf from our website.

Now you might be asking, “How am I supposed to knit or crochet with fabric?”

Well, I’ll tell you.

Blue fabric close

You work through the holes along the edge.

There are little holes along the edge of the fabric into which you insert your hook or needle. They are far enough in from the edge to be stable, but close enough so that most of the fabric hangs free and gathers into that pretty ruffle.

In the close up picture of the fabric you can see the holes along the bottom edge of the picture. Since you don’t want to strain the holes, the suggested knitting needle size is between US5 to US7. I imagine you can go smaller, but we haven’t tried it.

How to Knit with Circulo Yarn

In this video, Karen demonstrates how to knit with Tecido Trico and shows off a few more of the colors.

 More than Scarves

Fabric Circulo

You can use it as trim as well.

But don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to using this fun yarn for fluffy scarves. As you can see in this picture there are a variety of things you can do with it if you have basic sewing skills.

You can add it to a top as a pretty trim around the neck or edges. You can use it as the ribbon on a hat. Or you can coil it tightly to form a fabric rose.

Let your imagination run wild.

According to the fashion trend reports flower prints are hot for spring. These scarves will be an easy way to add them into your wardrobe without a big investment in time or money. Accessories are a great way to freshen your existing wardrobe by adding elements of the current trends.

Renda Trico Margarida–Lace Version

Lace scarf

There is a free pattern for this scarf on our website.

The lace version creates a scarf with more body than the fabric version, which is more fluid. We used color #251-White for our sample scarf. You can download this free pattern from our website as well.

As with the fabric version, the lace version has holes long one edge into which you insert your knitting needle or crochet hook. The suggested needle size is also between a US 5 to US 7. Use the crochet hook that fits easily through the hole and makes you comfortable.

Lace circulo close

A close up of the lace flower pattern.

While the fabric version is printed with flowers of varying sizes, the lace version has a pretty flower motif along one edge. The body is a smocking pattern and the other edge, which will be hidden anyway, is a firm hem.

Lace Circulo

Scarves, tops, and skirts are all options.

Once again, scarves aren’t the only project you can make from this attractive lace yarn.

A ruffled top, either all around or just on the front, will make a nice summer garment. While this fun skirt will probably charm the young lady in your life. Who knows, in the right color she might even wear it for clubbing or parties!

Double The Fun

Double scarf

You can hold the lace and fabric together for a different look.

While both new yarns make attractive scarves individually, another fun option is to hold them together.

Many of the colors coordinate, as you see here with Tecido Trico color #267 – Cream, Purple Pink Floral and held with the lace Renda Trico Margarida in #2566 – Lilac.

The yarns come in hanks with just a two-yard difference, so it would be a one-to-one ratio for this project.

This scarf was knit by holding the yarns doubled and casting on as many stitches as you want the scarf to be long. You’ll want to use a circular needle for this version. Our scarf has two tiers.

Compared to the other scarves, this version makes a narrow scarf with a slight corkscrew effect.

Double the fun!

You can download the pattern for this scarf on our website.

All these scarves will work up quickly for the satisfaction of finishing a project quickly. You can start wearing them now, to urge spring along, or put them aside to dress up your lighter wardrobe. Another thought is that Mother’s Day is coming up, which gives you plenty of time to make one (or two!) and get them in the mail.

These new yarns will also be good for knitting through the summer when you want to keep your hands busy but don’t want to be covered up with a heavy wool project.

Check these fun new yarns out at your local yarn store then let us know what you think. You can share pictures of your finished scarves on our Facebook page.

We love to see what people are making with our yarns!


  1. Neat!

    And totally unrelated question: where did the ring in the last picture come from? I want one!

  2. I so want some…no, make that ALL of this yarn!!!

  3. Hi Diana!
    I wondered if anyone would ask about my wedding band. I get so many compliments on it.
    It’s a Celtic Millennium Ring. I believe the goldsmith is in California, but I ordered it from this website (back in 2001).
    I have the band that is a white gold braid and yellow gold rails. My hubby has the yellow rails, but his braid is 2 yellow and 1 white. It was nice we could personalize them but still match.

  4. Oh, thank you so much for responding! I do LOVE your ring. It’s very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story and the details of where I can purchase one.


  5. A member of our knit group bought this yarn in her travels, she knitted a scarf and brought for show and tell. It is gorgeous…I want some of the yarn too!!

  6. Hi Lora. You can locate stores, both local and online, that stock Circulo by using the “find a store” feature on our website.
    You can search just on brand, or filter by your zip code and then the brand.
    As though we need an excuse to visit the yarn store. 😀

  7. Is It possible to order these?

  8. Hi Katelyn!
    You can locate local and online stores that carry Circulo yarn by using the “Find a Store” feature on our main website.
    You can filer by your zip code and the Circulo brand. You should call the store to make sure they have the yarn you are interested in stock before you head out.

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