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Circulo Accessory Ideas

In the spring we introduced you to new textile “yarns” that are either fabric or lace ribbon from a Brazilian company called Circulo.

Tecido Trico is the fabric version that comes in a variety of flower and animal prints. Renda Trico is the lace version that is available in 14 colors. You can see a video of Karen demonstrating how to knit with them in this blog post.


We have a pattern for this scarf on our website.

When they first arrived in the US the main thing people were using them for was scarves. We have a free pattern for this double ruffled scarf available on our website.

It didn’t take long for people to start getting creative and using them for trim and accessories on their knitting and crocheting as you saw in my previous blog post.

Circulo Top with collar

Dress up a store bought top

You can find the directions for this project to add a collar to a store bought top on our website.

Beyond Knitting and Crocheting

But why limit yourself to knitting and crocheting with these fun textiles?

We know many of our fans are clever and crafty beyond the hooks and needles so you might find these ideas inspiring.

Our friends in Europe shared these pictures with us. We don’t actually have patterns or instructions for these projects, but if you look carefully at the pictures I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out.

bow headband

A sweet bow for all ages

This bow is a fun addition to your wardrobe. With the wide variety of prints Tecido Trico comes in you’ll be able to make one to match most any outfit.

bow headband

Here is a full view of the bow headband.

As you can see, it’s a matter of wrapping a standard plastic headband with Tecido Trico, then sewing a matching ribbon. I bet a quick internet search will produce patterns for tying ribbon bows.

rosetta hairband

It's like a flower, but won't wilt.

This version pairs the lace Renda Trico with unique, coordinating buttons and charms to create a rosette style accessory. It reminds me of a flower, but this one won’t wilt or drip water all over you.


Here's another view of the rosetta

Aren’t those notions beautiful? Many knitters and crocheters I know have a collection of unique single buttons. This presents a great opportunity to put them to go use.

tie on heaband

Run the tie through the holes in the edge.

If you don’t like hard plastic headbands, this tie on version will be more appealing. This one takes advantage of the holes spaces along the edge of the ribbon to secure the tie. It’s also another good use of that button collection you have.

tie on headband

This headband ties on.

This version shows off the Tecido Trico much more than when it’s wrapped around the headband.

Get Inspired

A nice part about these projects is you don’t need knitting or crocheting skills to be able to enjoy them.

They could be a fun project with your children on a rainy day. Or for a sleepover activity when they need a break from running around outside.

Since they are small and (potentially) quick to make, these projects would also make great gifts or stocking stuffers.

I hope these projects give you some more ideas of what you can do with these interesting new “yarns.” We love to see what you create using them! Share a picture with us on our Facebook wall.

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