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Christmas in July Ornaments

You’d be hard pressed to get us to admit it’s too hot to knit or crochet, but sometimes you want a change of pace.

Sometimes you start eying yarn scraps and thinking there must be something you can do with them aside from throwing them away.

IMG_20140705_083611One of our employees decided to have fun with Christmas in July over the long holiday.

She stuffed color coordinated yarn scraps into glass balls that she purchased at a craft store.

Now, she had the advantage of being able to use the tufts of yarn from color cards for discontinued yarn. You can involve children by having them cut the yarn up for you!

IMG_20140705_083605Then it was a simple matter of stuffing the strands into the hollow ornaments. You might need to use a knitting needle or other implement to help stuff them in.

Don’t they look fun?

You can decorate your tree, or give them as gifts to your other yarn loving friends.

IMG_20140704_130118Have you used yarn to decorate glass ornaments?

What do you do with your yarn scraps?

Our friends at Juniper Moon Farm put out scraps for birds to use in their nests.


  1. I am always amazed at the creativity of my talented knitter, who also happens to be my daughter. These were crafted with attention to minute color detail!

  2. Rebecca Coulter

    July 12, 2014 at 8:14 pm

    Good thing to tuck into the package with a knitted gift….containing extra yarns for repairs.

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