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Charm Mitts KAL: I’m Done!

I finished my Charm mitts last night!

Then had to wait until morning to get a good picture.

Finished mitts

Finished mitts

Project Recap

Pattern: Charm fingerless mitts from Louisa Harding’s Three Graces book.

Yarn: Louisa Harding Grace Hand Dyed in #38-Yew for the main yarn. Louisa Harding Grace Hand Beaded in #13-Royal for the trim.

No modifications were made.

And the palms

And the palms

Marathon Knitting

After my two right mitt disaster last weekend, I was able to make a fast recovery.

Did you know the most recent Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” is almost 3 hours long? And that doesn’t include bathroom and snack breaks! I was able to knit the hand portion of the left mitt while hubby and I were watching it.

Talk about a long movie and a quick knit! Of course, I had already knit the cabled cuff so that made things move along faster.

Seaming was pretty quick.

Seaming was pretty quick.

The finishing was parceled out over the rest of the week. I don’t know about you, but I can’t seam and watch TV at the same time. However, I can seam and chat, so I brought the mitts with me to knitting group Wednesday night.

It was helpful to clip the top row of the cabled cuff together to make sure I wasn’t sliding out of line as I was working my mattress stitch. When I was finished each mitt, before I cut the yarn, I gave them a tug lengthwise to get some slack into the seam. I also put them both on to ensure the seam wasn’t too tight.

Then it was a simple matter of weaving in the ends.

Isn't picot cast off lovely?

Isn’t picot cast off lovely?

I was glad today started out sunny so I was able to get pictures that showed the colors more accurately.

Then I started getting artistic.

Then I started getting artistic.

In the Round?

As you can tell from my discussion of seaming the mitts, they are worked flat.

You probably could work them in the round, and at least one person on Ravelry has, but I usually feel obliged to work the pattern as written in case anyone has any questions.

If you want to work them in the round here are some things to keep in mind.

  • There are two selvedge stitches for the seam. You’ll want to drop those out of your stitch count or your pattern will get messes up.
  • Swap the knits for purls and purls for knits. This will mainly be on the wrong side rows. Remember stockinette stitch worked flat is knit RS and purl WS, but in the round it’s all knit all the time.
  • You might want to knit a swatch flat to get a feel for it before you start converting. Of course, it’s such a small project by the time you swatch you’ll be halfway done! LOL.

One Week To Go

Keep in mind, the Charm Knit Along Ends on June 30.

To be eligible for the prize drawing at the end you have to upload a picture to the Charm KAL discussion thread in the Louisa Harding Lover’s group on Ravelry before midnight New York time on June 30. We’ve arranged for prizes for participants from the US, Canada, and the UK so there isn’t a country restriction, but you do have to use a Louisa Harding yarn to qualify.

Find stores in the US that stock Louisa’s yarns and patterns by using the “find a store” feature on our main website and filtering by zip code and brand.

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8 thoughts on “Charm Mitts KAL: I’m Done!

  1. Karen Traversy says:

    Gorgeous yarn, pattern and execution!

  2. Ursula E Hill says:

    Nice, Nice and again nice…..Can I please get the pattern and yarn you used. Love this for Christmas gifts etc.

  3. Ursula E Hill says:

    Found where I can get it….close to my home. By the way , love your nails

    • KnittingFever says:

      Hi Ursula. I’m glad you were able to find it. I think they’ll make great gifts, they are quick to knit and will be wonderful to receive.

      When I realized I had nail polish that matched my yarn I just couldn’t resist!

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