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Celebrate Sheep Week with Juniper Moon Farm

Apparently this is “Sheep Week”, which sounds far more fun than “Shark Week.”

JMF Herriot Heathers

(Herriot is 100% Baby Alpaca with 219 yards per hank.)

I’m not sure whether the appeal is down to my love for yarn, or because I saw “Jaws” at an impressionable age.

Regardless, I’ll take any excuse (and don’t often need one) to celebrate yarn.

The week has been particularly exciting for our friends at Juniper Moon Farm. They were selected as the official “LambCam” of Modern Farmer magazine, which is a quarterly magazine about, um, farming. (And people who don’t knit or crochet question the number of magazines available for us.)

JMF Marlowe Jeweltones

(Marlowe is 50% Merino, 50% Silk with 153 yards per ball)

As a result of this collaboration, Juniper Moon Farm (or at least their LambCam) has been mentioned in both BuzzFeed and Bloomberg Business Week. How cool is that?

You can read more about the current incarnation of the LambCam on the Merry Magpie Farm blog.

Juniper Moon Farm offered the first CSA (community supported agriculture) for yarn. They still do.  The idea behind the LambCam is to enable the CSA shareholders to become better acquainted with the flock that is growing their yarn. A chance to dote on them from afar (and without the hard work of daily care!).

JMF Yearling

(Yearling is 60% Merino, 40% Cotton with 109 yards per hank.)

As you can imagine, the flock can only produce so much yarn. Luckily for the yarn loving world, Susan Gibbs decided to create a commercial line, which we get to distribute.

She selects the fibers, colors, and commissions the designs. The goal is to bring the same aesthetic you’ll find at the farm to these yarns.

There are seven yarns in the Juniper Moon Farm line and a slew of patterns.

JFM Sabine

(Sabine is 40% Cotton, 30% Merino, and 30% Royal Llama with 218 yards per hank)

I’ve scattered pictures of the various yarns through this post. Click on any of them to visit that yarn’s page on our main website to learn more about it.

JMF Tenzing

(Tenzing is 85% Extra Fine Merino, 15% Yak with 153 yards per ball.)

You can use the Store Locator feature to find stores near you that stock the Juniper Moon Farm line. (In Canada, check the Diamond Yarn website.)

JMF Moonshine

(Moonshine is 40% Wool, 40% Alpaca, 20% Silk with 197 yards per hank.)

How fun would it be to watch the LambCam while knitting with some Juniper Moon Farm yarn?

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