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Butterfly Shawl Knit & Crochet Along

The free patterns for the Whitsunday Butterfly Shawls on our website have many of the ladies in my Tuesday night sit and stitch group all a flutter. (haha. I’m so punny.)

Whitsunday Butterfly Knit shawlSince there are both knit and crochet versions of the shawl, the store owner pointed out it was an opportunity to do a group project that could include everybody.

We’d all be working on the “same” pattern, but either knitting or crocheting as we preferred.

Add the knit shawl to your Ravelry queue.

Whitsunday Butterfly Crochet ShawlEveryone saw that logic of this. Aside from a few people who had current projects to finish up, people got to work selecting colors.

Add the crochet shawl to your Ravelry queue.

IMG_3693Whitsunday is a new cotton blend from Queensland Collection that is available in eight colors. Each ball is a generous 237 yards, so you just need two balls to make either shawl.


Whitsunday Green #3. Start of the crochet shawl.

The crocheters were showing off their speed by making good progress before the evening was over.


Whitsunday #2 Silver, blue

When working the crochet pattern you start on a G hook, then switch to an H hook. The lady using the green accidentally started on the H hook, but we all agreed it looked lovely and since it was a shawl being a larger size wouldn’t matter.

The lady using the silver/blue yarn started with a G hook. She getting a denser fabric with lovely even stitches.

The two knitters didn’t make enough progress tonight to photograph. As often happens in sit & stitch groups, the more experienced knitter reviewed the pattern with the newer knitter so she would be confident working on it at home alone.

She was also betrayed by her stitch markers. She points out that you need to stay alert until you establish the pattern since the stitch markers are right next to yarn overs and can drift. She’s going to switch to beaded or locking markers in the hopes that the larger size doesn’t slip under the YO as easily.

Have you been knitting or crocheting a Whitsunday Butterfly Shawl? Share a picture with us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to see your progress!

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