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Araucania Huasco Sock Socks

Well, that blog title sums it up. I finished knitting my socks using the new Araucania brand yarn “Huasco Sock.”

My skein is color 1004-Galapagos Martin.

I did take them on vacation at the beginning of the month. Socks are such great travel projects. They are so portable! I have a generic formula I follow for my own socks, which means I don’t have to worry about keeping track of a pattern when I’m living out of a suitcase.

I used about half the ball. That probably means I could have made them a little taller. On the other hand, I might have enough yarn left over to knit a matching pair of fingerless mitts.

I also finally got my hands on a set of the LYKKE “Driftwood” double pointed needles. These needles are SO NICE! Don’t let the “driftwood” name fool you, they are actually made from resin infused birch. The “Driftwood” is because of the lovely weathered look and color variations in the wood.

The LYKKE needles are light weight and have a little bit of slickness to them. They are a teeny bit faster than the wooden needles I usually use for socks, but not so fast that I felt like the stitches were out of control. It was a nice middle of the road speed.

In my first picture you can see a black ring around the center of the needles. The needle size, in both US and MM, is etched on that metal section. Nice and permanent. I can’t tell you how many other sets of DPNs I have to sort out because the size is no longer legible.

Back to the Huasco Sock yarn. It is so soft and delicious! The finished socks are like soft little hugs for my feet. But don’t forget that the yarn is a 75% SuperWash Merino Wool, 25% Polyamide blend. The nylon content will make it durable. 

Jo Allport designed three patterns for Huasco Sock yarn.

The “Anise” socks have a simple stitch pattern on the leg and instep. The pattern includes both chart and text directions for this pattern stitch.

The “Nutmeg” socks have a sweet little lace pattern on the cuff, a nice change of pace from ribbing! There is both text and chart directions for the lace.

Both sock patterns are knit cuff down with a heel flap & gusset. They are both sized to fit a ladies small/medium (medium/large) foot.

Jo also designed the pretty “Pepper Cowl.” As with the socks, the Pepper Cowl is knit using just one hank of Huasco Sock. As soft as this yarn feels to the hand, I think it will make a lovely cowl. This pattern also includes both text and chart directions.

Huasco Sock has started arriving in yarn shops (I’m starting to see pictures on Facebook and Instagram!). Use the “buy locally” button, or the Store Locator feature, to find local yarn shops near you that should have it in stock.

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