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Ann’s Next Project: Round 2, pattern

The votes have been counted. The yarn with the most votes for my next project is Elsebeth Lavold’s Hempathy!

IMG_3973Voting started out close, but Hempathy eventually pulled ahead with 90 votes to Tenzing’s 72.

IMG_3982I think the fiber content is what pushed Hempathy over the edge. As a Cotton/Hemp/Mondial blend I’ll be able to wear the finished sweater right away, which many people liked.

Juniper Moon Farm Tenzing is a Merino Wool/Yak blend, which means I’d be knitting across seasons and getting ready for the Fall. However, many people liked the spring green shade of Tenzing.

Now you have to decide which pattern I’m going to make with my stunning blue Hempathy.


I have three projects in mind from which you can select. They are being presented in no particular order.


AlliumFirst up is the Allium top from The Garden Delight Collection book.

Allium caught my eye because it’s both different and very pretty. You won’t find this top in stores! I like all the details, from the peplum skirt to the lace on the shoulders.

I do, however, worry about how the peplum will look on my pear shaped body.

Allium is worked in the round to the underarms, so finishing will be a breeze.

Preview the rest of The Garden Delight Collection.


GydaNext up is Gyda from The Second Viking Knits Collection book.

This is Elsebeth’s 9th book, but I love many of the patterns.

Again, the lovely details made Gyda catch my eye. I also like the easy fit.

Gyda will be a fun knit because of the interesting construction. The edging is knit first, sideways, then stitches for the body are picked up along the edge.

The basket weave pattern will be easy to memorize and “read” once the pattern is established.

Since the sweater is knit flat, in pieces, finishing will take a little longer.

Preview the rest of The Second Viking Knits Collection.


The last pattern is the Buttercup top by Heidi Kirrmaier.

Buttercup isn’t our pattern, so I can’t post an actual picture, but you can see a peek of it in the screen grab up above.

You can see better pictures on Ravelry and on Flickr.

Buttercup is an A-line, t-shirt style top with raglan shaping. There is a little lace at the neckline and hemp. It is worked top down, so finishing will be very minimal.

Hempathy is the recommended yarn for Buttercup so I won’t have to worry about whether or not it will work out properly.

Which pattern should I knit?

There you have it! Narrowing my choices down to just three patterns was really hard since there are so many nice patterns available for Hempathy.

Since you’ll be watching the project develop as I knit it up, I hope these projects excite you as much as they excite me! LOL

I can’t wait to see which one you all select.

PS-Don’t feel too bad for Tenzing. It will have it’s chance in the sun later on!

You can use our store locator feature to find local yarn stores near you that stock Juniper Moon Farm and Elsebeth Lavold yarns so you can knit along with me.


  1. Sheri Crawford

    April 11, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Allium in Blue

  2. Buttercup, but do it as a dress like on ravelry…with the more modest neckline not the one so low cut….,you can blog calculating adjustments in yarn…etc etc for those who don’t know how

  3. I like Buttercup, but I would need to knit the skeeves ekbow-length. My upper arms are not for public viewing!

  4. Im planning to tackle Buttercup after i finish my cowl. So thats my vote for what its worth.

  5. I like buttercup the most and second is allium.

  6. Allium in blue would be beautiful!

  7. Oh, Carol, me too, if I’m being honest. 😉

  8. My vote is for “Buttercup”. I think this adorable top will look really gorgeous in the luscious blue Hempathy yarn. And can be worn so much during the spring & summer with jeans or with capris or even a gypsy skirt & sandals.

  9. I love Allium, if you can wear it. The sleeves would not be flattering for me. The construction is very interesting. if you are pear shaped the peplum would either hide some problems or accentuate them.

  10. Allium. It will be stunning in blue. And the peplum is gorgeous!

  11. Hands down it’s Buttercup. Beautifully feminine, lots of room for personal interpretation such as enhancing the lace in the hemline, and just like Hempathy, it will be nice to wear in the summer.

  12. I vote for Buttercup!

  13. I would make Buttercup. Although Allium is beautiful, it would not fit my body type.

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