Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. General

    Isn’t KFI a wholesale business? How are retail customers able to purchase from the KFI website?

    KFI does not fill orders directly to individuals.

    Knitting Fever INC is a wholesale distributor – not an independent retailer. We do not wish to compete with our customer, the independent yarn sellers – brick or click – but rather, help them connect with the consumers that want to buy our products.

    We think you will find it is usually more reasonable to work with one of our independent retailers – you will be helping small business owners and often times will find the yarns you need for your projects at a lower total cost (yarn and shipping if needed).

    Check out our Shopatron FAQ for more info about order fulfillment.

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  • 2. General

    How can I purchase a yarn I’ve found on your site?

    You may notice that each color shown is marked with a color dot. Green means there is a good chance that either a participating retailer may have or can order this yarn/color for you. Grey means that ONLY if a Participating retailer has this in stock will your request be able to be fulfilled.

    Essentially, because KFI does not fulfill retail orders itself (instead passing the business along to its client base of retail stores), the availability of some products is difficult to determine precisely. So in situations where an ordered item is no longer in stock at any of our client’s stores, we will notify you and remove that item from your order. The color code system mentioned above is our best attempt to estimate our customers store’s availability of a product.

    Still having trouble finding a way to acquire a product? No problem. You can send us an email to [PUT EMAIL HERE] and we’ll forward your inquiry to another group of retailers who may be able to help you find the yarns you want.

    For yarn, please be sure to include the BRANDYARN NAME (e.g. Superwash Classic), COLOR NUMBER(this can be found on the label), COLOR NAME/DESCRIPTION (e.g. “blues and greens” or “Frenchie”), and DYELOT (optional). Last, be sure to include how much of the yarn is needed by either total weight or number of skeins.

    If any of the retail store members of this group have the yarn/publication available, you will then be contacted by individual retailers who have the product in stock and they will advise you of their price, shipping, and payment methods.

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  • 3. General

    Can I order from and have it shipped internationally?

    While a few of our Independent Retailers do ship internationally, we really only keep a listing of US based independent yarn sellers. In almost every case, you are best working directly with a retailer of your choice. To find a retailer by location or that stocks a particular brand or product, use our Store Locator.

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  • 1. Shopatron

    What is Shopatron?

    Shopatron is an order fulfillment service & payment taker — a middleman as it were. It connects the reservoir of retailers that sign up to be a part of Shopatron – with the consumer via the distributor’s website. It allows consumers to place an order for a product with the retailer nearest them that has that item “in stock”.

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  • 2. Shopatron

    Why does KFI use Shopatron?

    Knitting Fever INC is a wholesale distributor – not a retailer. We do not wish to compete with our own customers – but rather, help them connect with the consumers out there that want to buy our products. KFI uses Shopatron to establish that connection.

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  • 3. Shopatron

    So why should I order from Shopatron instead of directly from a retailer?

    In our opinion, you shouldn’t! We much prefer you establish a long lasting relationship with a professional and knowledgeable retailer that can fulfill your needs. However, there are times you are looking for an item that a certain retailer doesn’t carry, and Shopatron can help you find that item somewhere else.

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  • 4. Shopatron

    Why are Shopatron/KFI prices higher than retail?

    The retail cost of an item via Shopatron has to also cover the cost of Shopatron’s processing fees and service. This is why the price is higher. If you want to pay retail – and possibly a better or cheaper shipping charge – we encourage you to try to order directly from one of our retailers.

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  • 5. Shopatron

    How does Shopatron choose a retailer?

    Shopatron sends your order to all the retailers subscribing to their service. These retailers are given a chance to “bid” for your order (basically they just say — “i have it”!) Shopatron then selects the closest retailer with the best customer service rating — and that shop is assigned your order, and after it has been
    shipped to you, Shopatron authorizes payment to the Retailer.

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  • 6. Shopatron

    International shipping

    International Shipping – Orders shipped outside the United States and its territories are sent by United States Postal Service. Knitting Fever and its Retailers cannot predict and are not responsible for any duties, fees or taxes which may be imposed by the destination country. Such custom, taxes or other fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

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